“Between 1400 and 1900, the African continent experienced four sizeable slave trade, beginning in the 15th century, slaves were shipped from West Africa, West central Africa, and Eastern Africa to the European colonies in the New world. The three other slave trades– the trans-Saharan, Red sea l, and the Indian Ocean slave trades”(– Understanding the long run effect of Africa’s slave trade).
Looking obviously at the impact of slave trade in Africa, it can be seen that slave trade is still in existence, which i called ” The Neo Modern African Slavery ” in this article, African were colonized and left devastated. Colonialism, neocolonialism, corruption, injustice, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, dictatorship, amongst others. When will Africans be free from these cursed burdens? We will never be free not until we suck up our culture and our earliest lifestyle.

             Manifestly, it is of no doubt that the real image of Africa can depicted in Gbanabam Hallowell’s poem, ” The dinning table”. The bloody massacre in Sierria Leone that claims the lives of many souls. Thus, it should also be noted that it is not only in Sierria Leone that has experienced war in Africa: Nigeria, Angola, Burundi, Congo DR, Algeria, Ethiopia, Liberia, Somalia, Rwanda, etc, have had theirs in turn.  

            Plainly, “blood” has become an important image whenever Africa is mentioned in the comity if Nations. 

But to mention a few, an article written by one of the Africa’s icon Dele Giwa’s “Death and Destiny”, shows that man can never run away from his destiny and death is also inevitable. From the aforementioned facts, Africa should accept her destiny as “black” and take up “Unity”, and death will always the master of us all.

            Thus, Africa as a continent is blessed with numerous qualities and attributes. Many poets and writers, activist, philanthropist, dedicated leaders, and many more. Prolific poets and writers like: Wole Soyinka, Helon Habilah, Ngugi Wa Thiong O’, Mariana Ba, Ferdinand Oyono, Chimamanda Adiche, etc, all hails from Africa. Human Right Activists like: Nelson Mandela, Obafemi Awolowo, Dele Giwa, Robert Mugabe, etc, all hails from Africa. With all these Legends and others, Africa has been what it is today positively. Based on the deeds of those Legends, many young writers and poets across Africa are now obliged to take off the cursed burdens on Africa, which i am one of them.

             In reference to one of the African icon Dele Giwa, in one if his articles titled “Death and Destiny”, he said ” Nigeria as a country is unlucky. Those who tried to govern it, those who believe they have what it takes, people of resolve and strength of character, hardly ever get a chance if making the nation’s leadership. He furthers that ; Ahmadu Bello was strong, but chose to stay in the north. By the time that he made up his mind to come to Lagos, realizing that Lagos was where the action was, he was felled. Obafemi Awolowo fought with all his energy, relinquishing power in Lagos, but unfortunately for him and perhaps, for Nigeria, he never got the chance. He continues as thus; Tafawa Balewa didn’t want the job for he knew he didn’t have what it takes, but he got the job nonetheless, costing the nation greatly. Thomas Aguiyi- Irosi didn’t want the job, didn’t know what it was coming, but he got the job, anyway, and paid with his life”. Dele Giwa also said “General Muritala Muhammed was like John Donne, who knew that it was of futile for a man to allow the fear of death, at least the agent of death, to stand in the way of what he had to do”.

           Hence, from the above references, it can be seen that those who wanted the development of Nigeria as a country, never had the chance. Just like Africa as a continent, is occupied with foe who are also Africans, that are beneath the unsuccessful growth of the black universe. That is why i say ” Something is happening somewhere in Africa”. With these, i qualify Africa as “The Paradise For The Grendel”.

            However, economic crisis, political instability, cultural stratification, domestic violence, international conflicts, fund embezzlements, injustice and many unheard of actions has been the order of the day in Africa. This nonsense must be stopped. The        crumbled and crumbling Africa must be relieved. The burdened Africa must be healed.

           The fear instill in    Africans must be erased. It is time to take actions. For all these to be achieved, for us to have a new and blessed continent, the changes begins with you and i. From those, it can be depicted that “something is happening somewhere in Africa”.

          I will end this article with a parable that says ” Your skin is not only dark, it shine and tells your story “.

Pen Name: Alimi Abdulkabir’s Poetry.

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