Technology in corona era

Technology in corona era

No doubt that covid-19 has a global impact on every aspect of life like personal health and every job sector and business around the world especially that relate to transportation, education, trade, and communication-based jobs but there is a job sector which based on technology had a different opinion which coronavirus has forgotten it or it may have immunity against covido!!
Technology-based jobs have shown a vividly magical influence in all aspects like a strong survival soldier who won the war with his only left hand. meanwhile, many companies locked down, and their employees have been laid off then tech stalk came and transport these employees to the safe side which called “remote work” that has maintained their career and cash-flow for 5 months. But firstly, we need to know the covid-19 effect on other aspects and jobs such as transportation and logistics that has been killed with the first bullet which corporates like uber and cream and local transportation have stopped for several months which result in bleeding of oil companies and petrol material price which has touched the land in the first period of pandemic and the rock oil of Texas has bees sold with no price and still for a period till recovering. On another side hospitals have been filled with patients that carry coronavirus till cannot resist these tons of patients especially, in the course of flight-locking down thousands of people could not relocate to another place that has little effect of covid-19 or another hospital in around country which result in a lot of deaths. But technology survives with its all weapons by allowing people to interact with each other by social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp that led to diminish the worry and know the breaking news and enable employees to communicate with their managers, CTOs, and their teammates without the restriction of social distance application like zoom and meeting room besides those people who have lost their jobs during pandemic period thus, technology allowed them to work as freelancers and make use of their experience on sites like Upwork and freelancer which led to maintain the economic situation that has been damaged as well as following covid state and number of patients in all the world by news sites. So, technology was and still the greatest pleasure in this time which led us to go through this awful time with all these losses and deaths. Last but not the least all job aspects are altogether one unit which every single aspect pull the rest to forward for surviving to the end but also we have to increase numbers of our safe suits that are going to be our soldiers thus depending on cloud computing, software technology and integrate software in every single aspect like finance, hospital, payment and medicine and remote working that will have a fewer effect and make work and communication much easier until this pandemic gone and the souls back to their life body free again by spreading the vaccine that companies like viser and oxford work on and it will be ready to be used in coming months and following instructions and protocols to reach the safe side with fewer lose as much as possible

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