As we live we realize that there is a lot about life that we desire that ever always seems out of reach. It seems like you are unable to get it , you are unable to have a fortuitous day that leads you to it and finally it seems like everyone else can get it aside from you. Name anything you desire and it follows the same pattern. The same trend. Desire in fact should be renamed false expectation. A mirage. Good enough to get you started and keep you going but false enough never to be realized and never to be possessed. Money, like that great girl you desire share the same attributes. What though can that great girl you would want to take out for a date teach you about money?

If only there was more to go around

Have you ever had this thought about money? Hoping that all over sudden their could be more handed out to everyone so that we could purchase what we have been denying ourselves for all to long? Well that girl you like  can teach you a thing or two about this falsehood. If there were more girls who were just like her , beautiful and kind. Smart and sweet. Comical and reasonable. Would you not feel more lonely? Would it not feel like the number of ladies you could talk to reduced by a distinct number? 

Let’s think about it this way, the more something you desire is in your environment the more out of reach it feels. Every single instance of it feels like a torment. If the number of girls you liked in your class moved from 1 to 10. You would get less comfortable in that class. You will feel more and more incapable to start the conversation with either one of them.

You don’t need more of something in your environment for it to be more accessible. You need to be more capable for you to access whatever is in your environment. So lets not focus on wishing that there were more girls that you liked in your environment lets focus on understanding how to start a conversation with them. Lets not focus on wanting more money to move around lets focus on getting more skills to have money move towards us.

Let’s just stare 

If you are anything like me in my pubescent years, you know the feeling. You admiring every inch of someone just for them to come right up to you and you stuttering and stammering your way out of being talked to for a lifetime. 

We tend to be comfortable with looking at what we desire rather than actually interacting with it. Its like the dream is more satisfying than the reality. That’s what scares us the most. The fact that it wont work as well as we picture that first conversation. That first interaction. Makes it more fulfilling dreaming about it than it is experiencing  it.

The reality check though is this, the speed of dreams is not the speed of reality. That means what you need to say the first time you talk to a girl you really like, does not need to be a proposal. It does not need to be you asking her out for a date. It just needs to be you saying, Hello. Probably for two weeks in a row every time you make eye contact. Up until she probably gets used to your courtesy and helps you out by asking you a question on the third week.

What does this tell us about money? Well  your first hustle won’t get you there. Neither will your first sale. It might seem pretty obvious but for you to realize that we all still make this mistake is to study how hurt we are when our first hustle or our first sale does not work out. You see we are mostly out here comparing the money we are making with money we want to make in our dreams. 

Its good to remember, just like with her. It all starts with saying Hello. Till it gets to a point that the balance of familiarity tips to your favour. Same works with money, the only way it will one day ask you , ” Can you keep 10% more of me than i gave you last week?”. Is when instead of staring.Instead of thinking you will break bank the very first time you just say , “Hello!”

 She is out of your league

Where she hangs out. Who she speaks to. What she speaks about.How she dresses. Gets you really worried. You see her friends are not your friends, i mean where she goes out for coffee is out of your price range and her clothing is so classy they must cost a fortune.

The things is when you desire something your mind is more likely to keep showcasing to you the differences between you and that which you desire. As a result widening the gap between your reality and the reality you desire. 

Just like her money acts the very same  way. Aren’t those who seem to have money hanging out in different places than you, speaking to different people and wearing different kinds of cloths? 


Lets stop thinking that way and start to ask what could be similar between us? Could she like you like denim jackets? Could she like you prefer Tea to Coffee? Once you look for similarities and commonalities between you and what is out of reach. You realize that the worst thought you can ever have about something you desire is that it is out of your league!

Cause with money and people, birds of the same feather flock together. Money attracts more money! Yes, so stop focusing on the differences and look a little bit closer and start asking, what do we have in common? So that as you find the commonalities, your confidence to speak to her grows. The more you speak to money (read books about it) the more it tells you how to relate with it.

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