I took the big jump. I closed my eyes and said, “Hello!” How did we get here you ask?

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When you want something there is always someone around you who can help you get it. You name anything and there is a person you already know. That is an attribute of wealthy people they understand other people’s value and they utilize this to double their own. To improve themselves. How they start? They let go of this thought that they will be condemned for their fear. They own their fear and inadequacies. They understand that you can’t learn from a position of knowledge, you have to admit that you don’t know to move forward.

To whom did I go? I went to my friend, Winnie, who happened to sit right next to my crush. I debated this for weeks until like all good friends she could sense that something was bothering me. With her wisdom, she asked if it was about a girl and I explained to her who ‘The girl’ was. She laughed at me. Made fun of me, cause what do you expect from a friend? You expect them to ridicule you to your face while on the other end they make something happen.

That was how for two weeks in a row I found myself doing a school project with both Winnie and my crush, who at this point we would choose to call Stella.

The first, second and third hello

I took the advice, rather than propose, I said hello for some time. Then on one random day while Winnie was off school Stella and I started talking about this school teacher. It was great to talk about how we both found him peculiar. From how he dressed to how he stood. You see as a student growing up there are only two groups of teachers, those you like and those you don’t.

As we kept joking about what he would wear next week, I could not help but get lost in Stella’s smile. There was a thing about her rosy cheeks. About her cute nose. About her luscious lips. Oh my! I was talking to her! She was laughing at my jokes! When it rains it pours!

So it did, on that particular day, her Dad called her to tell her he could not pick her up and that she needed to find her way home through the bus. Lucky for me she asked me to walk her to the bus stop. We ended up taking ice-cream as we walked and talked. That’s when my poor etiquette got me in. She told me I had a bit of ice-cream on my face when she saw me try to wipe it off and fail, she wiped it off for me.

That’s when we both glanced at each other for longer than usual. The relationship between us was changing. I could feel it as much as I could feel my numbness. What do you do when you are finally speaking to the girl of your dreams? Well, you get tongue-tied!

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