THE HEALTHIEST THING TO DO| It beats diet, sleep, yoga and exercise.

THE HEALTHIEST THING TO DO| It beats diet, sleep, yoga and exercise.

Exercise and diet work to shape the body. We are as a result very much focused on the physical projection of our body. Doing this is like mining sand rather than gold. We actually have no clue that we are mining sand. So how do you mine gold rather than sand?


When most of us think of strength training, we see a person in sports apparel at the gym doing a bench press. The veins on the arms and on the face, threatening to jump out. A film of sweat coating their skin.

Today though, I want to change the perception of what being coated in sweat could go into. I want to change the perception that you need to be dressed to exercise or to do the most impactful form of exercise you will ever do.

To start off let’s visualize the end in mind. When we strength train normally we look to achieve this kind of muscular body.

When we strength train the golden way we tend to achieve this kind of body

I know. Your body looks more like the latter than the former. However, that is only when you see your body as consisting of muscles, bone, vessels, and blood cells only. The way you need to start looking at your body is that it is made up of 60% water. Taking account organs separately the brain and the heart is 73% water, the lungs 83% water, the skin 64% water, muscles, and kidneys 79% water.

How does this connect to the image above? That is the crystalline structure found in water. Not just any kind of water. Water that has been exposed to gratitude. Labeled with a gratitude label. This brings me to our realization

“Human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water”

To comprehend the significant difference, let us look at how normal water looks like?

What about water that is used to hearing negative things? Let us say you are a beginner exercise fanatic, and you keep telling yourself that you were foolish to think that exercise was your thing.  How does the 73% of the water in your muscles respond?


The objective of strength training is to achieve a beautiful and pleasant shape. To have a muscle mass that supports the body. It’s focused on body composition. In water parlance, it’s focused on shaping water in your muscles.

You can therefore focus on working out but if you don’t watch your words the energetic component of the water you are looking to shape is off. You will work hard and probably not get great results. Why? Let us use the analogy of a teacher in a classroom. When a teacher tries to get students to arrange themselves in a file, what is the easiest way to do it? Well, it is to shout and yell to the students until they follow the instructions. What happens when he receives a call and he goes out of the classroom? The students break file. They go back to status quo.

The same thing happens to us. 60% of our mass is filled with negative energy. It’s filled with negative labels that we keep saying and repeating. We repeat them when we talk about others. We repeat them when we talk about our past and our future.

The water in you is listening. Taking the crystalline shape of your statements and sentiments.

You are shaping matter on a physical level and then breaking it down on an energetic level. 

If all matter is energy then all the efforts you make to shape the matter get lost as you label the matter poorly.

So how do you strength train the golden way? You sit down at the very end of your day and write a gratitude journal. Every time you find something you are grateful for you are doing a bench press. It’s difficult for most of us. We have not learned to be grateful in an ungrateful world. Your apparel is your pen. Your gym is your notebook.

Let’s exercise gratitude. So that our internal energy field resonates with a grateful universe. So that we tap and connect with the beautiful things in the universe.  We become energetically beautiful and when we do we shape our matter not from the outside in, which is the approach of exercise, but from the inside out.

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