If i was to ask you, who earns more money than a: anesthesiologist, a surgeon , a physician, a software programmer and a Chief Executive Officer of Apple?
Well i guess that would be a hard nut to crack, why? So the CEO of Apple earns 3,000,000$ a year this is excluding benefits and the salaries of anesthesiologist to a software programmer range from 410,000$- 108,080$. Aside from that if you Google for the highest earning jobs in the world this is the exact list you will find, of course not including Apple as that is a nuanced search.
The interesting thing about what i am about to unearth as the highest paying job  is that it pales in comparison in regards to the amount of training it requires. For comparative purposes being an anesthesiologist or a physician averages 10-12 years of training. While to be the CEO of Apple you need to have worked for them for them for a minimum of 13 years or in other relevant positions. A statistic i glean from the fact that Tim Cook became CEO of Apple in 2011 having joined Apple in 1998. The highest paying job requires only 18-24 months of training. Which is 5 times faster than it takes to be a physician.

The other interesting fact is  the amount of time you need to take do this work. You need approximately 5 minutes-an hour day to do this work. This 96-8 times less the amount of time it takes to work as each and every other of the top most paying jobs.

The highest paying job in the world?


Before you run away fearing that this is a classic click bait article. Let me give you one fact that put running as the best job in the world in terms of earning:

Running for a single hour adds about 7 hours to your life. Running as a  habit has been proven to add 3 hours to your life.

Running vs CEO of Apple

My first argument is this, of the two jobs you can’t connect being a CEO of a top global firm with the added benefit of an increased life span. There is no direct correlation between being a CEO and living a longer life. At least no study has shown this. 

As a result we will compare the annual benefit of running with that of being a CEO. If a CEO at Apple gets 60 leave days in a year, that means he works for about 305 days in a year. Which given the average work day time in a year means they work for about 2440 hrs in a year. Correlating this with the 3,000,000 annual salary, there is a ratio of time of work to money earned in a year of 1 to 1229. Meaning the value of an hour for a CEO is 1229$.

If the CEO of Apple runs everyday for about 5-60 minutes, holding other factors constant he adds about 3 years to his life. Which in monetary terms means he earns 1229$/hr for 3 years. Summing up to a total of 32,298,120$ in three years.Which annually converts to a ratio of work to time of 1 to 35,298. This is assuming that he runs for an hour everyday for a 305 days work year. Interestingly the same benefits will be accrued even if he runs for 5 minutes.

In a year running outdoes working as a CEO by 7,766,040$. In a year you need to run for 25 -305 hours to get the benefit of 10,766,040$ worth of life as a runner. As a CEO you need 2440 hours to make 3,000,000$.

This is still with the hindsight knowledge that it takes 12 years to be a CEO at Apple and 2 years of living to learn how to run. So what is the key take away home?

The next time you feel you cant spare 5 , 10, 20, 35 or even 60 minutes to run, since you have to make money, you made the wrong choice. Running pays you in time. It beats the very well paid CEO of apple 29 times. So the next time someone asks you, “Who runs this world?” I hope you respond


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