“We are getting more disconnected to those around us and getting more connected to those away from us”

Socially Distanced

One of the words of the year. In a COVID-19 angle. The pandemic we see. The pandemic we are blind to? The fact that you are more likely to know that Donald Trump is angry more than you are to know that your mom is. The interconnected nature of the world is putting popularity over importance.

Popularity and controversy grab your attention more than mundane. The choice we are making every day? To be attentive to what is happening in the entire world and not what is happening in your world.

When was the last time someone you knew, wanted to talk to you but you felt that you were interrupted from reading something online? Remember how you felt when you were speaking to someone for them not to even bother with you as they were glued to their phones?

We are following the regulations even more than they needed us to. Only just in a way that we didn’t see. For me, social distancing is how disconnected we are from our families. How little about them we know, yet they stay with us. How most times when we talk about them we are irate about how they stopped us from texting or watching a movie.  We no longer know what makes them sad, angry, or happy. If we ever even did.

Our social distance at home is creating strangers that share a hotel room. Its creating people who run home to Wi-Fi, not to Wife. The replacement of that single letter meaning more than any bank could ever value in gold.

Wear your mask

Masks are a great health tool but a very poor psychological tool. When we wear masks we can no longer tell when someone is actually smiling/ frowning. Most of us are struggling to understand the emotion behind the mask.

The augmented reality of communication is that we communicate over masked platforms. We use things like emoticons to communicate our emotions. What happens is it is becoming more and more difficult to understand someone’s true emotional response. We know we are at a loss when the sign of discontent is the lack of an emoticon in a text.

We are spending so much time reading texts and trying to understand the underlying meanings . As those we love are no longer physically present with us but in virtual realities. Augmented by stickers and emoticons. We are trading the capacity to truly be with someone and understand their emotions. Why?

Is it not that the moment you have finished sending a text to this person you receive a text from another person? Having your attention switch like a ping ball? Confusing which emotions you had for who or what? Is he the one who made you laugh or is it the meme you just saw right after texting him?

We are becoming worse and reading interpersonal cues, as now we rely on texts and emoticons. We no longer know what is the source of our emotions as we are overexposed to so many different things. The people who can tell what we are feeling keep seeing us through the mask. What is the mask?

It is the connected hyper-reality.  Where the very same way you can’t walk out of your house in 2021 without a mask is the very same you can’t walk out of your home without your phone. The people around you don’t know what is happening cause you have worn the mask. However, the world within your mask is rife with activity!

Wash your hands

How are we doing this physiologically ? Our world is moving away from having real interactions with the physical world. There is a virtual experience for everything. Cause germs could be everywhere!

You are less likely to find children playing out in the streets nowadays, replacing play with play station. An imagined world that is indeed limitless. That is indeed without skin to skin contact. Hygienic but without an authentic experience. An authentic experience that is a bit unpredictable. An authentic experience that has an ecological interaction. An experience that yes, will cause injuries but won’t cause as much mental damage as an imagined world would.

Think about it this way, if you play a video game that involves a lot of destructive elements the destructive person in you is built. You become less and less afraid of destructive tendencies as the game you play has no real consequences to the world. On the other hand, if you play outside and you try to sabotage a beehive , you learn that being stung is real. You understand that leaving is an interaction, that your choices have consequences. You understand cause and effect better.

Activities that don’t promote contact with physical reality are becoming more and more prevalent. Making people appreciate the imagined world more than the real one. As a result, we are becoming more and more alien to our beautiful planet. More and more likely to destroy ecology than to build it.

Stay at home

Stay at home has led to a world where it’s easier to know how beautiful Washington DC is than how beautiful your capital city is. You see the educator is on Instagram and most time on these platforms we see a lot less about our own countries and a lot more about others.  If you did a survey amongst people today you will realize that they are more likely to choose a favorite destination that is outside their home country.

This is not a bad thing. That is beside the point. This makes us not desire to explore our own territory. We look out more than we look in. Our country is flawed. Our country is not attractive. Other parts of the world are!


The pandemic?

It’s a pandemic of a distracted world. A world that is not present in itself. A world that is not present in the people around them but with the celebrities far away from them. A world that is showing young people to appreciate virtual reality more than reality. A world that appreciates foreign lands more than home. A world distracted away from the beauty in front of it. An ever dissatisfied world and as a result, ever sick!

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