“Confidence is the alpha skill in an ever-changing world.”

At that particular moment, we were close to half done with our meal and our conversation. The pleasantries had been shared between us. All this was happening at Palet Caffe in Lavington, a place where all the waiters were deaf and dumb. 

I started to sell one of our products to him. Told him the price at which one intern would go and then he asked me, “ What’s so special about your people?”

I stopped and said, “ How many young people at the age of 25 do you know who are thinking of helping an organization out of a 13,000$  Debt?” I paused for a short while and then continued,” While also asking myself how can the 400 young people under my leadership drive me to that goal?’

He was taken aback. He then smiled, removed his hands from under the table, and said,” I like that. I like your confidence!”


This is the trait that every employer is looking for and every employee is not seemingly thinking about. You see we live in a world that enthralls hard skills. Coding and the like. You enroll yourself in many institutions to find that new edge. The skill that will make you stand out in front of everyone. What you forget though is that skills can’t replace confidence.

Confidence gives you the I can do it mentality

To be impactful in any business in life or in any area you need to do things that no one has ever done before in that sector or area.  Meaning that even though you applied qualified for the job, your mission in that job is something that you are not going to be ready for. It is something that you are not going to find in the manual.

If you came with, I have the required skills mindset, what happens to you? You start challenging whether this is the right job for you. You start doubting your ability to deliver. You start seeing yourself as incapable. Ideas won’t come from a mind that perceives itself as incapable. Even when they do, you will think these ideas impossible.

So how do you ensure you stay confident? That you believe in your ability to achieve without prior evidence of achievement? You understand the true meaning of confidence. Which is the belief in yourself.  The less confident you are about your ability to produce a particular outcome the less your self-belief. The crazy thing about self-belief is:

Belief in yourself does not need to be validated

You don’t say I can do it because you have done something before. You say it because your belief is not backed by your history. It is too valuable to be attached to anything. Your belief is the start of everything. As a result, it needs nothing to back it up.

The, I can do it mentality is what we need in life. It is what every employer is seeking. Why is it crucial? Life is unpredictable. The only constant is change. In an ever-changing world, what mindset do you need to keep having?

I am confident that even if I have never done this before, I can do it!

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