Conversations make great stories too

Conversations make great stories too

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend, relative or even a stranger and thought to yourself “Hmm, this conversation would make a great story. A great, hilarious yet unpredictable story”. Well this was what we had in mind while developing ChatBooks, our newest story feature on Tell! Books.

No doubt, young people send and interact with hundreds of thousands of chat messages everyday, be it on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook messenger and Instagram. Over the last few years, chats have evolved from just being a way to pass only the most important messages across to become a way to gist, tell stories and share amazing ideas.

In Art and Literature, chats have a great similitude to dialogue, plays and drama – which involve conversations between two or more people…and most dramas are hilarious. Think Our Husband has Gone Mad again and The marriage of Anansewa.

With Chatbooks, our goal is to combine the old literary devices of dialogues and drama with the modern style of chats with the aim of building an exciting new way through which African stories can be told while simultaneously reinstating our commitment to African creatives to be the foremost platform for storytelling in any form.

In truth we had been meddling with the idea of stories in form of chats for a while, but mediums like Hacked by Zikoko, Hauwa’s Family Group chat and Seyi Shof’s Whipik Stories have given credence to this form of storytelling and a much needed nudge for us to move forward with the idea. So over the last couple of weeks, our tech team worked tirelessly on building this new feature on Tell! Books.

You can check out the Chatbooks page on Tell! Books by tapping the button below:

You can also read our first ever ChatBook written by one of our amazing Tell!ers Modupe Ojo  by clicking the button below:

Over the next few months, we would continue to make iterations of this product, adding new features and stories that would get you hooked to Chatbooks and help you get used to this new form of storytelling.

We’re also currently working on a way for Tell! Books users to seamlessly get to publish ChatBooks through their Tell! Books account. But for now, we upload these stories manually.

To have your stories featured, kindly email your story in .doc format to

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