Tell! Awards 2021

Tell! Awards 2021

Vote for your favourite Writers, Poets, Storytellers, Authors and Writing Platforms below.


  • Each story-based nomination has a link of the story attached to the title of the story. This is because we would love you to read the stories/poems and then vote for your favourite.
  • Note that winners of the Tell! Awards would be selected based on: Judge’s scoring: 60%, Voting: 40%Voting will not be the only criteria for selecting winners of the 2021 Tell! Awards
  • Voting Ends Friday, December 10th, 2021

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What do you think?

  1. ‘Love is many things’ by Ubong Johnson really deserves to be read by every Nigerian.Beautiful piece.

    The other stories are also nice.
    Kudos guys👍

  2. I read comments about Love is Many Things and so decided to read it. It’s as beautiful as its name. It’s written so well. Totally, totally love it.

  3. OluwaPelumi’s Adduni is an amazing poem. Very amazing. Ubong Johnson’s Love is Many Things is also a very amazing story. I enjoyed it so much because it captures what growing up is really like for Nigerian boys. The juxtaposition between what rich boys are like and what poor boys are like, woven into a tale of true friendship and love, is amazing. What blows me the most is that the story is both emotional and humorous and has all the qualities of great prose. I’m guessing it’s the winning story already. Congratulations!

  4. Love is Many Things, is the best write-up I have read, Ubong is so creative and he keeps his readers yearning for more.
    How he does that attest to his brilliance, Ubong you’re the best☺🤝

  5. Love is Many Things has to be one of the best writeups I’ve read from an indie African writer!!
    Ubong’s relationship with words is beautiful.

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