I wake up on the side of the train tracks
In a world where the time is difficult to track
I remember one thing only; I had slept in my bed
In my room not far from the farmstead.

In this world things don’t seem familiar to me
I ask myself, “Am I in dream or is this one of the films?”
Well I could enjoy this realm, while it only seems real
So I set on my journey for the adventure right before me.

The sky is blue and the weather is sunny
The clouds moving puffery and steady.
I am alone in this street while castles surround me on either side
And I wonder, where are the occupants of these magnificent sights.

At the end of the street, a little girl appears.
Her skin is far as the sun, with lips crimson as red.
In her gown of white, she runs into a castle jocundly
And to my amazement, I could only race after her hastily

“Little girl,” I said, “Why are you here all by yourself?”
“Where are your parents and why are there no books in the shelf?”
She turned to me, with her lips upside down in sadness.
“I am sorry Sir, if you are here, you only await your darkness.”

In split seconds thoughts flooded my mind.
Was I dead or was I dreaming? My answers I could not find.
At once, I fell on the street which I just walked before.
Only to wake up in the world, I had just left before.

Meanwhile In my little room not far from the farmstead,
There are wailings reverberating everywhere
Someone now whose face was familiar to me,
Sat by my body on the bed just to weep.

In that moment, I realized I had been dead for ten hours.
I could see my body laying still even when it was shook
“Was this what it felt like when I saw people in their beds lie?”
Oh the saying was true, “First you dream, then you die.”

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