Perceptions and Living


“I’d always wanted to be an ambassador for NIVEA but now, I give up. How would they choose this over me?” lamented Toyin as she points upwards, sighs in repugnance and shakes her head in distaste.

“Uhm, Toyin it’s actually colorful and has a very good content. Look, the lady is pretty.” refuted Bundum trying to see reasons with her, while they passed a NIVEA body lotion billboard.

“Bundum please, let’s be on our way, I know you’re already crushing on her. She’s ugly from my perspective. Her nose is too flat and upturned. Well what’s my business. Are they paying me?”

Bundum trying not to argue further, “Well my perception of her isn’t wrong either. However yours might not be too.”

Abeg let’s go jare, mtchew.” interrupted angry Toyin. They leave.

Of the mostly publicized sententiae, “This life no balance o.” or its refuted equivalent, “Life balance, na you no stand well,” evidence to their similarities about perception and living is not farfetched. From the illustration, both perceptions are in contrast and neither can take precedence nor be assigned a truth value. Hence the question, “Were their perceptions ever true or false?” Hence, the problem, if true or false, the judge still verdicts based on his perceptions. Hence, the verity, “We live on our perceptions.”

Perspective, vantage point, worldview; call it what you want. We live on our perceptions of the world around us. To perceive is to make meaning of and give meaning to; to discern. Therefore, it produces an interpretation to the moment experiences we encounter. Pursuant to, our reactions and responses to events are engendered by how we perceive these events. Wouldn’t occurrences be effortlessly interpreted similarly, since we are all perceptuals? Sadly no.

The flushed red cheeks and euphoria of Amelia, or the clenched face and gawky stare of Iya Chioma or the reddened furious face of Jedidiah, all staring at a couple passionately kissing in a church, are exhibitions of perceptions. While British Amelia perceives the love between the couple and blushes, Iya Chioma sees irresponsibility and taboo, “Abomination!,” she says in her heart. Meanwhile their Jewish counterpart sees desecration of revered sanctity.

Our diversity mostly in thoughts, expressions and opinions is only a reverberation of perceptions. Because we perceive differently, we interpret disparately and opionate distinctively. If through perceptions we make meaning of and give meaning to, then we inform and indoctrinate ourselves based on our interpretations. Through indoctrination, we create an individuality. Thus, disparate perceptions, disparate individualities. Pesin wey con yarn say life no balance, no b because e no balance for ein eye. No b so? Abii na say ein no con stand well?

Ever envisaged what living without perceptions could be? Or rightly put living with the exact kind of perception? No disparity, no distinction nor difference, rather everyone seeing things similarly. Where Iya Chioma doesn’t frown at people kissing randomly in church, or Amelia being furious and disgusted by it. “Boring”, some would say owing to variety spicing their lives. However, having a similitude in perception is a prerequisite for discontinuing wars, violence, horrendous activities and the eye-watering events we encounter daily.

Our world is tethering towards its tipping point but we rather opine our perceptions than provide panacea. Irrespective of the consequences, asserting our perceived feeling precedes the damages they might result or the interpretation others might give. We simply don’t care.

Where everyone sees each other the same way, without any contrast to perception nor dissimilarity in cognitive assessment of the self, the seed of unity is sturdily sown and it burgeons into a cascade of progressive peace, consolidated relationship and healthy rivalry mostly in being the best of the self. Perceptions can be altered but why alter one when we all share it.

There’s one thing though, if everyone shared the exact perception, and everyone perceives the other to be either good or evil, would there be a knowledge of the kind of perception shared? Would we ever know how we perceived the other? Is this an enquiry based on diversified perception or an envisioning of a unique perception?

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  1. When indeed we realize that our opinions could be imperfect but ‘ours truly’ there is a higher prospect of inner peace and docile living. Henry your writing is captivating, imaginative and creative. Keep on with the good work. I’m happy to read your work. Kudos

  2. What an erudite qua intellectual encyclopedia. Henry ponders with difference and deep thoughts which creates a distinct pattern through which he communicates to the world. You pen us to inquisitively search for the impetus agitate of the incoherence of incoherence. What an amazing game of intellectual excellent. Keep it up bro🔥💕

  3. Right here is an embodiment of originality. One that is often neglected, hardly imagined.
    But right here in one piece, I’ve been taken down a lane to ponder and link together, things I’d never imagined they existed.
    Keep writing, the world would keep seeing you. I see you. 👌👏❤️

    1. Thank you for an inspiring comment. Such a commentary from a prolific and dexterous writer like you is prodigiously inspiring. The world sees you too.❤

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