When LOVE Goes South

When LOVE Goes South


What becomes of you When LOVE Goes South?
When the one person you are fond of leaves you behind
In pursuit of a life where the pastures are green and far,
To break free from the chains that keeps them confined.
What becomes of you when LOVE asks you to wait?
To believe that they would come back the same,
Without any trace of LOVE staying abate,
With every aim to keep LOVE aflame.
Would you bear when your flame goes out clean?
Do you wish to wait till LOVE comes back?
Do you believe your LOVE would remain evergreen,
Unfettered by the winters of miseries, pains and setback?
When love is thousands of miles of afar,
What becomes of you When LOVE Goes South?


What becomes of you When LOVE Goes South?
Just a little far from your heart towards the ground
When love ceases to be genuine and become carnal
After promises to remain chaste, untouched and pure
When your love becomes defined and propelled by genitals,
By copulation either anal, oral, penile, or others impure.
For two beings that have no plans for each other in marriage.
Do you still find the excitements you had in each other,
When the lovey-dovey feelings first started?
For a number, the genitals take their LOVE to anew order
For a number, they find their LOVE downward watered
Do you still find that solo happiness after the sexcapdes?
Or do you suffer the suffocation, the guilt and the aches.
What becomes of you When LOVE Goes South?


What becomes of you When LOVE Goes South?
When a partner finds pleasure in themselves and easing out?
When the little satisfaction they get from their sexual leisure
Substitutes the pleasure they obtain from their partner.
Would you remain when LOVE acquires a selfish pleasure,
Though it threatens your memories, love and laughter?
Would you find panacea for their problem of self satisfaction
Or do you leave them in their weakness to fulfil their ruin?
Most times LOVE becomes selfish by aberration or addiction
Or when we don’t experience love that is genuine
Sometimes the ones we love, don’t want to hurt us thus,
They only find it easier to give themselves these pleasures
Without wanting to hurt anyone or getting love in measures.
What becomes of you When LOVE Goes South?



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