If I were Eve

Maybe I could snub the serpent

Not giving ears to its words

Not taking pains

To explain the makers instruction

If I were Eve

Maybe the snake and the child could be friends

Working together in the field

Not knowing its grandpa’s strive

To dissuade us from the maker

And change the course of the world

If I were Eve

Maybe the bathroom would welcome the baby’s arrival

Probably the garden, stream, farm

Or anywhere at all would the baby’s cries be heard

‘Cause birthing will give neither prior notice nor pain

If I were Eve

Maybe there will be neither Felvin nor Dichlofenac

The doctor’s metal could remain in his hands

No need to roll about every month

With cries as to why one is of her kind

If I were Eve

Maybe we’ll never thirst to be loved

We’ll work on action like Adam’s folks

With no deep care about care and love

And no fight against subjugation

If I were eve maybe the ground won’t be cursed

No school, no farm, no war

Just flexing and chatting

With the maker all day long

But I’m no Eve

I’m Tolulope

A descendant of Eve

Born with imperfections

Worse than Eve’s

Striving to make a difference

Not to be judged by Eve’s mistake and mine

Trying to please my maker

Even though it seems to him like a filthy rag

Maybe one day, it could be as white as snow

Even if I were Eve

I could do worse

Or better who knows

But the Comfort I am

Has to change the world.   

Gen 3:15-16

Comfort Tolulope Oladeji

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