Other than grandma’s cooking aid, stones to me generally seemed useless to me as a child. Growing up, I saw the foundation of my church being laid and daddy told me that those beautiful black and white stones are called granite and they form a base on which the building will stand. Grandma once told me that her cooking stones form a base for her pot on which the pot could sit with no fear of being overturned. However, I began to dislike stones when my window got broken because of that fine little pebble that I was playing with.
Some years later, the family got a new land somewhere in Ibadan and daddy asked me to place the cornerstone. I did as I was told but in my mind, I felt the stone was of no use cause it was just a random stone I picked from a whole lot of others. Out of curiosity, I googled what a cornerstone meant. A stone forming part of a corner or angle in a wall; a stone uniting two masonry walls at an intersection; the chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed; a basic element of basic importance. The stone I picked that day was just there. Rough edges, shapeless and dirty. Well, I forgot about all that until I stumbled on a phrase; “that our daughters may be as cornerstones polished after the similitude of the palace
You know the way we do polish our cortina shoes (school shoes) when we become seniors. Mayowa, my friend for example polishes hers with Lude polish, leaves it in the sun for a while, shines thoroughly with her shoe brush, leaves them in the sun again to glow, before putting them on with her shoe brush in her pocket in case of dust or accident. The phrase means something way deeper than that. I remember seeing a palace in Barbie and the diamond castle. It was a large, beautiful residence to behold and guess what? It houses kings. I’ve always hoped as a little girl that I’ll one day live in a palace with my very own prince charming.
It isn’t wrong to infer that the phrase was talking about improving or perfecting something of basic importance (cornerstone) till it looks like the King’s house. Guess what? The something being referred to is someone like you and I, the girl child, the female offspring or descendant, the female adopted child. Remember that the cornerstone comes first in a building and someone once told me that you can’t wear an indoor slippers on a very nice lace material. It doesn’t match so it won’t work. Imagine having a palace buried deep down as the cornerstone, used to separate walls, the other part of the building will definitely look heavenly. Polishing it is right? So, I did a little research on what a polished thing is; refined, sophisticated, elegant, well bred, exquisite, outstanding, impeccable, flawless, adept, excellent, accomplished, skillful and a whole lot more. So a polished daughter will posses all of these qualities? It says she’s far above all these, she’s similar to a palace. The beauty, the brain, the lady of impeccable character that stands as an indispensable part of the building (other members of the family). She is elegant, dependable and beautiful.
Remember my hate for stones? I played with the stone carelessly, hence it went the wrong way and instead of it breaking, I got hurt. My precious window got broken. No matter how hard you try to misuse her, she can’t break, you only get hurt. The stone fell but it became useful again, not to me but to some other person that I probably do not know.

Psalm 144:12b

Written byOladeji Comfort Tolulope
The girl child haven.

P.S: This is a jingle for what is cooking for the month of October. The girl child haven is a division of Builders initiative whose aim is to change the world through the girl child. We started with writing poems tagged girl child with ambition. #girlchildwithambition which you can check on any social media. This time around we’re doing it in a different way. A bible verse has been selected; Psalm 144: 2b and we are writing poems based on this verse. The deadline for submission is October 1, 2018. We’ll be honoured if you become a part of this vision. Contact the numbers below for more information and clarification.

Oladeji Comfort Tolulope
Ogunlade Bisola Adedoyin

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