Surrounded by rays of hope
Blessed with the Father’s first “let there be”
That gives itself in all its glory
A beam that it shews Awelewa not
Bestowing on you its twin; heaven’s cry
Even Awelewa mirrors beauty
With a touch of the shadow of baba’s creation
Here you stand
Olufe, the beloved
In an abyss of calamity
An illusion of your old self
A far cry from the maker’s making
Whose root though not seen, is its saving grace

A light on this….
Some of us get the best from life; incredible looks, fantastic brains, wonderful parents, amazing friends, excellent finances. Yet we give life a little or nothing in return. Some of us on the hand receive the crumbs of what life has to offer yet we make use of it judiciously and give back in multiple folds. Awelewa had nothing, everything that made her into Awelewa were crumbs from what you, Olufe was given on a platter of gold. You, Olufe have it all but have nothing to show for it. Awelewa thrives in the shadow of you and here she is, a beauty whose light shines from within putting a smile on the lips of those you shot down!

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