When the world ended.

When the world ended.

When the world ended

When sun and moon melted,
When the oceans gave up their dead,
When the army of the Lord got ready for battle.
When the world was in chaos,
When the trumpet sounded and the world stood still,
When rapture took place,
We weren’t among the raptured.

When the world ended,
We were inside each others bodies,
Our bodies moving at the same pace,
When the trumpet sounded,
We had just reached climax.

At that moment we realized we didn’t make heaven,
Something everyone yearned for,
At that very moment, you told me you loved me
Those words made me realize that in the midst of this chaos,
The world falling apart, this sudden end of the world.
I realized that you my darling, you are my heaven.

©She is a girl called Hope.

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