He was reminded that there’s a shortage in the supply of digging tools;
So, he stayed (KÒSÓKÓ)
He was asked to stay and enjoy Life;
So, he beseeched (DÚRÓJAYÉ)
His staying was still being speculated;
Will he stay? (BÉYÍÒKÚ)
He was asked to stay in order to perform the final rites;
Well, he stayed (DÚRÓSINMÍ)
They saw that he stayed longer and understood the force.;
Well, they showed appreciation (KÚFORÍJÌ)
He was misidentified;
So, he stayed (KÚSIÍMÒ)
They reminded him the cost of leaving;
So, he stayed. (KÚSÒRO)
He was considered a pillar;
So, he stayed (RÓTÌMÍ)
His stay was not entirely certain;
They kept him in sight.( KÁSÌMAWÒ)
He was asked to sit tight;
So, he stayed (MÁLOMÒ).

It took risks, doubts and a lot of looking up.
It wasn’t easy playing the game of convincing.
But at long last, it was not about the entity, but the make up.
It has never been about ÀBÍKÚ!

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