Nigerian Youth and mental security.



On a foggy Tuesday morning, I reached out from my balcony, only to be face-slapped by the cold windy atmosphere. I hated the cold, and I had to put on my heavy clothed pull-over, in order to keep warm. Afternoon came, and the sun was high up in the sky, a sign that the body warming outfit’s job was over. You see, my insecurity was actually a good leverage for me to know something is wrong and act on it. Let’s assume it was a hot day and I had the urge to put on the heavy clothing again, then that is an indication that the problem is from within me and not without.
Most times, insecurities are not meant to break us down or put us in an unwanted situation but rather alert us of the needed change to be made.
However, reverse is the case with most Nigerian youths. Nigerian youths simply agree with the effects given in an article by pyramid health care. Depression, low self esteem and anxiety are mental issues that have stemmed out of being insecure. But before opening up the wound let’s first acknowledge some major factors leading to this.
Nigeria as one of the most diversified country in the world has her problems fetched from diverse wells. Talking about how poverty, being the order of the day has made many Nigerians inventors of survival skills, how insecurity has created fear in the heart of the populace, how the education system no more supports the poor, and worst still, how we are no more being educated but being taught. Corruption has now become the core-option of the day, no sooner had a government left office than cases of funds mismanagement will be raised up, bribery is not seen in its true color. All these have lead to “the young shall grow” getting scared of the process of growth. The following questions are now being asked and, these questions only lead to one boiling fact. What? Maybe you are right or not, we’ll see.
Question 1: What if I become poor like my parents and I’m not able to provide for my family?
2. What if my course of study does not provide me enough funds to live through?
3. What if I get kidnapped while traveling by public transport?
4. What if I die today?
Think of it, there has to be a solution for every problem right? However, the problem with this is that only one solution has been provided for every Insecured borne problem despite their dynamics. Money! You might have guessed that right. Well, money does everything, but does it?
Let’s answer these questions in the Nigerian youth way.
(1) If I have money, I have automatically overcome poverty.
(2) If I have money, I don’t need to be educated.
(3) If I have money, I will get security men and bullet proof cars to protect me.
(4) If I have money, I will at least enjoy myself before I die. We only live once.

With no doubt, money is the answer to every issue raised. Money definitely is the right answer. Thus, we should not blame youths when we see them using unscrupulous ways to gather money, we should rather blame what caused the problem.
But wait, come to think of it, money has never been the problem. Neither are all these insecurities the problem, but the problem is the mentality with which they grew up with.
Let’s examine this logic. School, they say is a scam. Why? Cause it doesn’t provide them with the necessity of life or with what is needed to enjoy life I.e money. But the problem is not school, but the school that is being attended. The mentality created by the illusion of a four cornered-wall school has deadened the benefits of education that can be gotten from being educated in “a” school. A lot of Nigeria youths now attend the school of “fraud” organised by their fellow birds of the same feather. Joke’s on them because the world has gone beyond schooling in a four cornered building to a more virtual, technology based learning . But, as long as their idea of “schooling is a scam” is being perpetuated and they are getting the dough, why should they care?
The Nigerian youth is plagued by a poor sense of mentality towards survival, and having a fulfilled life. The consequences however might be dire. Why? This is simply because there will come a time when their mentality becomes as poison and becomes toxic to their system. They then experience the heat that one that puts in a heavy clothing experiences during hot weather. Back to the trenches!
What’s the solution then? There’s only one way round the clock. That is changing the poor mentality into a sound one. There are enough cases of references of people that have these insecurities that have pulled through. If proper sensitization, proper human development and proper societal development is not done in Nigeria, this issue will be a recurring one, one that will be hard to scrape of the society in years to come.

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