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Is it the cold or the snow? Is it the water or food being consumed? Is it the house that is lived in? Is it the language? These are questions that have made a house in the mind of a number of curious individual. Not self centered curiosity, but curiosity on the matter of “Successful Nigerians” abroad. This does not mean there are no successful Nigerians at home. However, looking at activities from the past 5 years, “Nigerians” in diaspora have been associated with innovations, extreme strides in societal development and increased success in their place of duty. Not to mention of Nigerians of descent who Claim other nationalities.
It’s exciting, Yes, to see people with same nationality being bolted to a particular inclined success. However, not looking at the bright side, one would see an iota of worry in the news captions. What could be wrong with this caption?
“Nigerian born Radiologist, Dr Samuel Achilefu invents high-tech infrared Google which enables surgeons to see cancer cells during surgery”.
Absolutely nothing. It’s a breakthrough for science, a breakthrough for the world and health in general. In fact, it’s a thing worth going to the nearest “mama put” or “Amala sky” to enjoy wraps of mouth watering delicacy on. However, why couldn’t the caption be, “Lagos based Dr…” blah blah blah. It would be more soothing and encouraging for young Nigerians right? However, the implication this kind of story has on the Nigeria innovation network is not encouraging and can be devastating. Let’s examine the following.
(1) It gives an impression of the need to be out of the country in order to be recognized worldwide as regards a major stride. It would be noteworthy to know that, every highly rated Nigerian sportsman today is based in a certain European country. Yes, Nigeria and African innovations might not be highly rated, but what if every talented Nigerian being out there were here to engage their talents?
(2) It simply projects the state of the country. For a country that has the highest population in Africa, 7th in the world, public relation as regards our exciting innovation network shouldn’t be hard. However, the government, that is seen as the main essence of the nation-in a situation where the people are meant to be- have failed to perform their duties. It’s imperative to know that, there is no encouragement for anything innovative by the Nigerian government. Just the old archaic ways are being perpatuted. And this is all for the fear of being displaced by the “new – normal” which will definitely not accommodate their inordinate practices. I mean, what do you expect from a country where the head of the space system describes the Nigerian satellite as one “living on grace”?
It’s however unfortunate, as the narrative will soon change from “why not here?” to “what happened here?” How? You would ask. Simple.
From the medical line, more than 2000 Medical doctors migrate abroad yearly from Nigeria. Also, the Nigerian doctor to patient ratio fall below the daily recommendation to about 4-10,000. This is according to an articles by dataphyte.com. Alarming right! For a job in the top tier, and an essential service, health in the coming years, will be in a state of emergency. And as well known, a state of emergency is not declared without the question “what happened here?” popping out.
This is just a representation of the alarming rate at which the country is failing at human development and thus losing grounds in the world of innovation and intellectual development.
Now, to answer the question,” why not here? ” The answer is essentially wrapped up in another question. “What is here?”¬†

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