Error 404

Error 404

You opened an app, a browser
Chrome smells of your search history
and before you tweet,
the bird on the window mocked you
and you logged off…

You opened an app, it’s colorful
Recent searches of rape videos,
The after effects and possibly,
sample of victims who finally had ropes around their neck pops up

You couldn’t put your head up,
How strong people like Maureen
came to the internet to rescue their lives
You’re a victim too, but unlike them,
Your story is wobbled or how,
How do someone who has ‘man’ ‘hood’
dangling between two legs rant around?

You read how people like Tukur
maimed the spirit of self annihilation
The noises of Facebook walls didn’t help in any way,
Whenever you look in the mirror,
You see wreckage, you see a lifeless boy
You stutter during conversations
and prefer sketching birds indoor

When you finally decided, what’s right?
You opened an app, a browser
The one that smells of your search history, chrome!
You ignored all popping messages
and directly typed some weird words,
“Ten best ways to die”
You clicked the enter button
and the search engine hisses,
“Error 404”

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