Description : I’m a synagogue of beauty and everything you will ever know is an antonym of me I’ve come a long way through thesaurus of pain
before I was made no drop of happiness and to be even followed God’s mouth in antonym, peter 3 : 9

Clubs : between the noises of this space I created myself a city of sin you can take a job and suck someone’s dick a random person’s vagina and finger your destiny with ashes of cigarettes and alcohol I created back stages for underaged/students/teachers so when they scream fucksake! it won’t disturb mainstage

Media : lashes are my stronghold I have curves not from this world sometimes thick lips sometimes soft depends on your choice and the tips
are pinky that’s the trend dimples too
a fairytale of riches cars clothes
social media followers too and when
I post the world is in frenzy if you
don’t follow you’re likely to commit suicide just like Akachi and others
I’m all you ever need john 8 : 44

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