A Talk With The Night

A Talk With The Night

Nighttime is my time,
I walk anyhow,
I do anyhow,
I visit places forbidden,
I do things forgotten, 
I approach things forsaken, 
Nighttime is my time;

Oh! How I cherish your covering,
Secrets are best kept with you; in you; by you,
No fear of watching faces, 
Nor the constant reminder of conscience daylight poses, 
Matters spoken in you are kept with you,
Things done in you stay buried in your bossom,
Nighttime is my time;

Privileges end in your embrace, 
your constant darkness is a light to all things hideous,
Wherever you meet a soul, there the journey ceases,
I am but on a voyage,
A voyage to discover your siblings,
Peradventure you meet me on the way, 
I will surely pause for thee to flake away, 
Nighttime is my time;

Siblings, I have none,
friends and foe hate me alike, 
Secrets, yes I keep, 
In my bossom rest your impending woes, 
In my eyes lie the memories of your tears, 
How betimes you scape to shed a little, 
I atimes wary at the troubles I witness, 
I atimes question the maker why it made it so, 
That I should be such a judge to your misdeeds, 
Nothing truly passes me by,
I am the Night, it is my time!

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