My Lagos Experience [part 1]

My Lagos Experience [part 1]

Nothing prepared me for the excitement that accompanied my trip to ‘Lasgidi’ alone, and for the first time.
Although it was a sponsored trip, I viewed it as a personal travel. It had been more than a year I had gone on a travel, with a causal wear. So I would rather refer to my escapade as a ‘trip’ because my appearance looked more like that of a random ‘hitchhiker’ than a professional on a formal mission to Departments and Agencies. I was sure none of my acquaintances had the inkling that I was the one who prepared and signed the documents I delivered, none! Which made it even more awesome! My ‘characterless impersonation’ was becoming a 1st personality to me.  

Let me introduce myself briefly. I have a voice that is easily recognized as ‘tiny’ (which is widely identified as speaking through the nose), I am as flat as your ‘Walls’ (with a slight curve; approximately hip-size “33 1/2” and waistband “24” and barely 5.4ft) Plus the fact that I bear no trace of makeovers on my face neither do I adorn my body with ornaments. The two things that point to the fact that I am not a ‘religious’ being (as is traditionally acceptable in my culture) are:
–My wine-tinted dreadlocs
–My trousers (and the occasional burgundy lipstick shade)

And any other traits yet to be brought to my attention.

I had meticulously arranged the document folder in my ‘schoolbag’ the night before but failed to plan my wear. I stopped worrying over what to wear when I realized I suffer from a disease called ‘Unpredictable Mood Disorder’ (UMD). In other words, I may have informed you that I would be putting on a pink dress the next minute, however, by the time you discover my attire, I would be adorned in ‘Black.’ In essence, if there is an avoidable consequence for the doing/not doing of an act, my answer to any question regarding it would always be, ‘I don’t know.’

(Which explains why I can’t keep up with friends and foes alike. Both categories always end up frustrated)

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