My Lagos Experience [part 2]

My Lagos Experience [part 2]

By 5:00 am, I struggled out of bed, managed to brush my teeth but too lazy to prepare a meal. (God knows I need a husband to care for me) Between 5:00 am and 6:00 am when I brushed my teeth, I performed several of my dozing skills on the sofa, coiling into my favorite fetal position and pretending to be focused with my phone, clicking on chat heads with over 100 messages; only to jump to the end of it, with one eye shut and the other lazily scanning the darkroom for straying cockroaches, and legs prepared to fly upon encounter. And it was 6:00 am, time to make the hard decision; what to wear?

With great difficulty, I alighted from my ‘high position,’ climbed down the sofa, and sluggishly approached my room, towards the wardrobe. Let me give you a brief insight into how my mind works.

On dressing, although I hardly ever have a ‘best choice’ in mind, I do always have a ‘worst choice.’ Meaning, there is always a dress I earmark in my mind for the day/next day/occasion. And that dress is my ‘worst choice.’ What makes it my ‘worst choice?’ Because it is always chosen without thought, but with consideration of convenience, depending on the activities and places to be attended. And I mostly end up with my ‘worst choice.’

While my ‘best choice’ centers mostly on the attractiveness of the dress. That is, the choice of my ‘best choice’ is about what the other person will think of me. This invariably explains why I do not possess lots of admirable wear.

Swiftly, I grabbed the Ankara top that would need no pressing, with blue jeans. Combining it with a black flat shoe, the day is made, Glory to God! I added a touch of the burgundy lipstick and covered my hair with the cap accustomed to my Muslim Sisters. I finally sealed it with clear eye-glasses. Awesome, right! I would not leave this out, I stylishly accentuated my brows too. Awesome!

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