My Lagos Experience [part 4]

My Lagos Experience [part 4]

Pen in hand, I scribbled the routes to go through to my next destination, Surulere.

Before I proceed, let me open up on one of my bad habits, Lol! I endeavor to ask at least, two individuals for directions to a place.
So, when I returned to the main gate to the Secretariat (where the two handsome men were positioned), I exhibited my bad habit. I asked them for directions to Surulere. I equally asked to confirm whether the Department I sought had indeed been moved there. These bad habits have saved me some unnecessary stress. (For in the mouth of two or more witnesses, an occurrence could be ascertained) 

I began my legwork to the left side as directed, in search of a vehicle to Ojota.

I further asked a passerby who seemed familiar with the setting. Afterward, I continued to the linking road. The licking sun was quite pleasant, except for the occasional growls of my stomach. The time was some minutes after 10:00 am.

After about 30 minutes of roaming and growling like an evil spirit, I got a mini-bus going to Ojota. I hopped in, informed the driver in my cutest voice that “my life be spared, I am a traveler with no knowledge of Lagos.” (Lol! It was not that bad)

I was fortunate to sit with a calm-looking lady, whom I implored to not forget me in the vehicle when she arrived at  her destination – Ojota.
As the said lady alighted, I followed suit. It was later I realized the driver would have stopped at the bus stop a few feet away if I had not been so impatient, but the journey continued anyway.

I afterward boarded another vehicle heading to ‘Barracks under the bridge,’ as directed.
I was given two options. Either I boarded a vehicle heading to the Stadium or Barracks under the bridge. I chose the one that appeared safer – Barracks, not knowing the other one would be just beside the Establishment I sought. Still, I had no regrets.

For the second time that morning, I approached a security agent for directions. Hardly had I mentioned the name of the Establishment I sought than he stood up, moved a bit forward, and pointed at the tallest building in that area. Upon a careful look at same, I read the inscription on it, ‘Office of the Public Defender.’

Now, to the hardest task, crossing the road.

Swiftly, I looked around and noticed a young man trying to cross the same road as mine, I hurriedly joined him. This is Lagos, the spirit of swiftness and boldness entered me, chasing away every big girl spirit, Lol! What shall it profit me to be shy?

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