My Lagos Experience [part 5]

My Lagos Experience [part 5]

I thanked my road-crossing assistant profusely and hoped to meet another on my return.
The O.P.D was a big building sprawled on the other side of the road. From my view, it looked under-utilized and deserted, perhaps, the Corona outbreak affected the population of humans into and out of it.
I and the other citizens in need of help were on our feet outside the gate. No shield whatsoever from the unfriendly elements of nature; except the fact that the sun was languidly strolling, on and off, and it was quite enjoyable, a good source of Vitamin.

After about an eternity of explaining my predicament to the gate-keeper, I was allowed entry into the premises but soon shown the way out. Due Process was not followed, I was told.
In a not so caring tone, they further referred me to Igbosere and the Ministry of Justice, where I had been to at first. At that point, the lazy sun became a menace. I wanted it to burn so hard, the building would fade away at its intensity.
So, I employed my ‘leggediz’ locomotive style back to under the bridge and crossed to the other side with the aid of the pedestrian bridge. My next stop was at Oko-Oba.

Don’t panic! I returned to Abeokuta before 6 p.m. God never forgets His own. Amen!
At that time, my stomach had already spoken all the languages known to mankind and started the heavenly ones. At a point, I knew it was either death or death! It would kill me if I did not attend to it, and fast!
I had gotten ‘Fresh Yo’ at the park in Abeokuta but could not bring myself to take it. My appetite craved something humane, ‘Amala and Ewedu.’ I’m human after all. 

I hopped into the only bus calling Iyana-Ipaja at the other side of the bridge, only for me to see the other two co-passengers come down after several frustrating minutes, they ran after a number of the moving buses popularly known as as ‘sole.’ I had no such skills.

By my calculations, I spent an eternity in the waiting bus before the spirits of my ancestors finally ministered to me to find other ways to my destination. I made a few calls and was directed to enter a bus heading to Ikeja-Along.
I stepped out of the bus, moved forward, and sought Ikeja-Along buses. I found me a bus heading to Ikeja and gladly hopped in. My stomach had completely gone on a whirlwind mode at that time, and I decided to employ the desperate means. ‘Gala.’ I paid the seller #100 for one gala, she had no change at hand and the driver had started to look at me wickedly for daring to delay the journey. I tore at the barrier – nylon. Swallowed the fleshless creature and downed the milky substance in my care…

*Growling stomach – √√√
*Bulging forehead
*Lagos newcomer a.k.a JJC
*How do I get to Surulere from Alausa/Secretariat? – √√√

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