My Lagos Experience [part 6]

My Lagos Experience [part 6]

At that point, it did not matter to me that I was outside and literally in a strange land, eating in public. If I heard my name or saw a familiar face, I would simply assume another Form.
Before long, the bus became empty, except for my very self. The driver then got to a location that I assumed was Ikeja, there was a bridge there, with lots of commuters and plenty linking roads. The driver advised that step out of the bus in a soft but commanding way. He pointed at an adjoining road which I didn’t notice and explained that he was not heading to Ikeja-Along and the place was just a ‘trekkable’ distance from the point we were. I thanked him and stepped out onto the busy road; looked for who to tag along with at each point I needed to cross the road.
By my calculations, I was on my foot for about a century; walking – constantly on the watch for an Abule-Egba bus. I was told that If I entered Iyana-Ipaja bus, I would get Oko-Oba; or if I boarded Ikeja-Along, I would get Abule-Egba, and from there, proceed to Oko-Oba.
I never really got to Ikeja-Along, as I kept on walking and walking and walking, till I got to Oju-Irin (pardon my spelling). I had kept on walking based on directions from passersby and coupled with the fact that I neither saw nor heard the call for Abule-Egba from any of the commercial buses I passed by.

Oju-Irin appeared to be an underground ‘tunnel ‘ in the open air, sellers of different wares and pedestrians flooded the line. At a point, I sighted our favorite ‘Chinko’ guys hitting and jamming irons with metallic noise hovering the atmosphere. Just a few meters away from the line, around a Petrol Station, I boarded a bus heading to Oko-Oba, to step out at the Police Station.
Safe and sound, I alighted at the station, only to discover that there were two Oko-Oba Stations, Old Oko-Oba and New Oko-Oba and that I was at the New Oko-Oba, Abbatoir Division.
I headed to the Old Oko-Oba, Oko-Oba Division, which I later discovered was in Alimosho Local Government Area.
It was some minutes after 2:00 pm.

I tried engaging in an adventure into the Local Government Area, but when I noticed that the bike men were looking as if they just wanted to get a passenger irrespective of whether they understood the description of where I was going, I perished the idea to frolic, especially, when the first few drops of rainfall came on me.
Just around that area, beside a petrol station, I boarded a bus heading to Abeokuta, it was some minutes after 3:00 pm. We passed through the Old Road. By 6:00 pm I had gotten home.

*The decision to go to Lagos had been a good one and an unforgettable experience, yet.
My Lagos experience had indeed been pleasant and hunger-filled.

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