Day 2 -Staying Indoors

Present Day – A lockdown of two months has been implemented by the State Government in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Nothing was more horrible for Benita than her realizing she would be forced to stay indoors with her father whom she classified as ideologically oppressive. During normal days, Benita will always use a lot of mediums to avoid her dad as she would usually purposefully spend extra hours in school so she would come home late and spend fewer hours with her dad under the same roof. On weekends, she would just lock herself up the entire day.

Some years back, feminism wasn’t a flashy word to Benita, not that she didn’t welcome such ideas: she just felt indifferent about the subject matter. Regardless, a certain event revolutionized Beinta’s perspective. It was the orientation programme for freshmen at her university, the week-long programme had a lot of educative and orientative activities attached and part of this schedule featured a center stage that was to host a particular woman who was renowned with quite a level of social validation and accreditation – all of this attributing to her and the amount of contribution she had put in as regarding the contemporary issues relating to women and their rights in society. She delivered a speech on this particular occasion during Benita’s freshmen’s orientation week on feminism. Her angle of approach and delivery struck every sixth sense of Benita’s cognition and right after that, she discovered a purified interest for the ideology of feminism.

Weeks Later – Benita sits in the living room, clearly absorbed in the Chimamanda’s Tedtalk she was viewing via one of those popular Tv channels. Chimamanda’s Tedtalk was titled “we should all be feminist”. The speech was reaching a heightened stage when Benita’s dad and mum stepped into the house.
“Welcome sir, welcome ma.” Benita greeted.
“Where are your brothers? didn’t any of you hear the car’s horn?” Benita’s mum asked abruptly as she handed over the bags of grocery which occupied her hands to Benita.
Benita quickly takes the goods to the kitchen whilst her programme was still running. Benita’s mum took off to join her daughter arrange the food stuff while her dad sat on the center couch in the living room as he intended to grab a little rest, well, he also felt it necessary to tune to the news. As he grabbed the remote, an impulse overtook him and he froze because of a line he must have heard from the ongoing Chimamanda”s Tedtalk.

Kemi!!!!!!! Benita!!!!!!!!!

Benita’s dad roared in a thunderous tone that was virtually erupting the entire house. Benita and her mum rushed to the living room in awe of what was going on.
“See what your daughter is watching, what these useless westerners are trying to induct into our children: saying women should be the men. This is what your daughter is watching and who she is trying to be”. Benita’s dad infuriation had no limits as he spoke.

Present Day – Benita had since embarked on an ideological conflict with her dad. Over the years he had been surveilling her in ways that irritated her and he even applied aggressive methods in combating some of her expressions. At times when she will protest for her brothers to also be on standby at the kitchen when her mother was cooking as she and her mom always required an extra hand when working, but Benita’s dad would always use her love for feminism as an instrument of attack towards her.

The cold war between Benita and her dad intensified over the years and staying indoors seemed it would make it more dramatic. It was otherwise. Benita began to see some positives out her dad’s alarm against her acceptance of feminism. She recently began to realize that radical feminist that existed in the world today made a lot of people to go on the defensive when approaching the issue. She used a significant time to observe her dad’s way of life and she got to see, especially through the way he treated his wife that he isn’t an enemy of feminism. She then only realized that her dad always treated her mum with so much fragility and care. He would play with her brothers and her mom and they will fill the air with laughter, Benita would just ignore them since she was always keeping distance with her dad. Benita drew all the lines and conclusively decided she would set the terms straight with her dad, what she didn’t know was that her dad was also planning to settle things with her. Benita found her dad sitting alone in the living room and she decided to confront him. They both shared their views with Benita’s dad lashing out his concerns about the way extremists took feminism and how a lot of opportunists were weaponizing it, he however clearly stated that his rash actions towards her over the years was because of his fear that she might see the flipside of feminism. Benita also shared assured her father that over the years she had been cautious. They both came to a blissful accord and had a pleasant conversation.

Staying indoors helped them see through each other and eventually get over their differences.



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  1. Intensity mixed with serenity is just so beautiful to me
    I love fact that In this situation we’re seeing the brighter side of the lockdown 🙌🏽👏🏽

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