Day 9 –  Stranger Things

Kemi sat exhausted after the day’s hustle, at least she could stretch her legs across the seat originally meant for three. The BRT bus would soon arrive at CMS, which was the last bus stop. Kemi stuck her face out of the window to get her share of the soothing torrential breeze from the Atlantic as her bus cruised on Thrid Mainland Bridge before she felt a strong tingle on her feet.

Buuzzzzzzz. Kemi immediately sat properly and browsed her hand across the surface of the chair to trace what it was. She found a phone vibrating in between the little gap that existed in the conjoined seat. It didn’t look that expensive but every phone will definitely mean a lot to the owner. She thought for some seconds of what she could possibly do; could it be owned by someone still on the bus? Of course not, only a few of them were left and the other two passengers that shared the same seat as her disembarked about two stops ago. Before she could conclude on what to do the bus driver had announced that they had arrived CMS.

Kemi got to her apartment and was preparing dinner for herself, she was driven away from the fact that a strange phone was in her bag. Her plan was to get home and look into the contact list to reach out to someone who will definitely be affiliated with whoever owned the phone.


“Good gracious”. Kemi spilled some of her soup when she heard the phone’s vibration from inside her bag. It surprised her because she never placed her phone on silent. She felt relieved that someone finally called but in actuality, it was a text message.

“What sort of phone alerts this loud for a message”. Kemi made her way to the text message and caught her breath for the next few minutes at the content of what she saw.

“Hello Kemi, I guess you found me 😅”.

Kemi pushed the phone away from her and watched it in distant. She felt a chill in her bones. She regained herself and pulled the phone close.

“What the hell! No sim card? How’s this even possible”. Kemi was about calling her friend to tell her that maybe she’s being followed or in some danger. She now felt real fear.

“Please don’t be scared, I’ll make this brief so you don’t panic. I’m your random lover. Yes. I love you, that’s why I left this phone for you on the bus, It was a well-sketched plan. The phone is also encrypted; this means it isn’t compatible with service providers, it’s only for me to message you. I want to be close to you and help you just as a lover will do for whom they love. Please always reach out to me in your darkest times.”

Kemi knocked her head and started convincing herself to wake up from whatever nightmare she found herself in.

“If you love me, why don’t you let me know you. This is insane.” Kemi simply did not know what to text.

“Yes, it’s insane. For me it is but I’d rather be a random person to you. Please just worry less and get some rest. I know you go through a hell of a day at work. All you have to do is keep the phone. I’ll get in touch tomorrow.”

Kemi fed her curiosity with unweariness. He was at least right, she had to get some rest.

Kemi arrived at work the next day to meet her desk cleared. She was a customer attendant at Zenith bank and it wasn’t a routine for them to clear the tables.

“Bianca, what’s all this? Where are all my stuff?” Kemi sought answers from her co attendant.

“Oh yeah, the manager said to his office immediately you arrive.”

Kemi had to face the dilemma of prospects. Was it good news or bad news.

Kemi’s manger told her that a recommendation had come from the bank’s head office at Victoria Island. The letter read that Kemi should be transferred to work at the H/Q with immediate effect and it was signed by the Director of Staff.

Kemi was as surprised as her manager as he claimed it had never happened, he tried interrogating Kemi if she pulled some strings to seek a promotion form anyone in H/Q. He definitely believed her when she said she had no idea of what was going, for what it was worth, they both shared a good relationship since when she started working there.

Kemi received some cheers from her colleagues then she started packing up some of her folders and work documents.


Kemi brought the phone out and was almost knocked out by the message that came in.

“You’ve received the good news right. Congrats dear”

To be continued………..



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