Day 20 – Freedom

Haliru served under his master, Alhaji Danjuma, a renowned cobbler in the spirited Dan Markafi market at Kano.

Kai…this your leg…soft well well.”

Haliru’s promiscuity extended to every opportunity he got with a woman. He would rub a customer’s leg in while trying to take measurements and wander off to how her legs would make the perfect cushioning tool during a romance he knew he would never get.

Alhaji Danjuma was his father’s cousin. He was infamously called a tycoon but Alhaji Danjuma’s collected four wives showed how extensive his responsibilities were.

Hadiza was the youngest wife and he loved her marginally. Haliru had always wondered why a young and beautiful woman would stick with his boss. Haliru extended his advances to Hadiza.

Haliru was good with his hands. He often designed the craftiest of footwear and was soon favoured by Alhaji Danjuma. Haliru also wanted a freedom of his own, just like what every apprentice would want.

Hadiza had come to meet Haliru at her husband’s shop. This time, they locked into each other and fell on a broom mat at the inner store of the shop. Alhaji Danjuma forgot to ask Hadiza to bring with her some tools from his desk so he decided to get them himself. He met them in cloaks of rebellion.

Hadiza and Haliru decided to make a way for themselves. They ran away and sought to gain freedom in love and love in freedom.

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