Day 24 – Fate 

Madam…madam…chai…na belle be this. Thank God ooo. Madam don pregnant.” Tunde carried a bucket nearby and started hammering with a stick as started dancing to his crooked melody.

Stephanie couldn’t help but to have a share of Tunde’s comical show.

“Stop being ridiculous, I’m going to be late for my appointment with the doctor if you keep on doing this.” Stephanie had laughter all over her face.

Chai…na true…madam, shebi na the black car we go use today.”

“Anyone, just let’s go.”

Tunde had always been pressing his boss to get a husband, but her pregnancy didn’t fully answer the question of if she was now ready to settle with someone. Stephanie contracted herself to the Akanni family, Mr. Demilade Akanni and his wife, Bola hired Stephanie to be a surrogate mother for their child. Bola had a rare case of primary ovary insufficiency which saw her unable to conceive. The Akannis’ settled Stephanie in millions which weren’t a surprise due to their affluence. Stephanie never disclosed the purpose of her condition to anyone else.

Tunde was allocated the boys quarters in his Madam’s glamorous bungalow, the directive of the Akannis’ was that to Stephanie was a two-time general test and check up per month so they would be following up the condition of her baby appropriately via prenatal reports through these test. It was the fourth Saturday, during the second month of Stephanie’s pregnancy and another test was due.

Tunde got used to the routine and was washing the car when he heard thick and helpless cries from inside the house. He panicked in and met Mary, the house help, and Yemi, the cook, both carrying Stephanie.

“Help!…she slipped in the bathroom.”

Stephanie’s eyeball was dangling randomly to show she was close to passing out. Tunde, in his despair quickly ponced on the S.U.V’s ignition as he raced to the hospital.

Stephanie was told she had a miscarriage. She had ordered Tunde not to take her to the regular hospital where she made her check-up. She forecasted the situation and knew the doctors there would be in no hesitation to contact the Akannis’ should anything happen. Either way, she had just lost their child.
Stephanie updated the Akannis’ that she had skipped the test because of severe traffic, it wasn’t enough to convince them but she blended in a lot of lies to satisfy their curiosity. She spent weeks thinking of if she would run away or just come clean to her employers, she continued to weigh the outcomes before she had her plan. Tunde was going to be her instrument. She knew she couldn’t get easy sex without complications so she would always lure him into her bedroom to allow him to massage her, she would always claim it was the pains from her recent accident that didn’t make her sleep properly. A pitiful Tunde selflessly had to aid his Madam. Between the occurrences of late-night massages, Stephanie laid Tunde in bed and they both had sex frequently.

Stephanie got pregnant again in no-time and framed it to be the Akannis’ child that was already in her. Tunde noticed the signs but didn’t want to press, but before he made a move at the right time. It was already late. Stephanie sold her property: including her house and cars without telling him, the new owners of the house came on a specific morning to chase him, Mary and Yemi. They didn’t know what to think.

Stephanie wanted a life away from Tunde so she would never be answerable to him about the baby in her, she also requested from the Akannis’ that she changed her hospital, to which they agreed, so her plan was that it would be as though she carried the baby for 11 months due to the prior knowledge her employers had.

Stephanie died from excessive hemorrhage whilst giving birth, the doctor had also notified the Akannis’ that they were several injuries in Stephanie’s womb which indicated she might have had a miscarriage somewhere along the line. The pieces didn’t add up and all the Akannis’ were happy about was that their thought-to-be child survived.

Weeks after straying the streets in a bid to look for a new employer. Tunde found himself working for the Akannis’. Racheal was about five-years-old when Tunde arrived at the millionaire’s mansion. Fate had twisted him with his daughter but how would he fate play out their realization.

To be continued…

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