Day 18 – Love 

Disclaimer: This story is a sequel, note the following before you read

+ It is advised that you read the prequel – A RANDOM LOVER. 

+ Events in this story are not totally dependent on the details of the previous title. So this story is free of extensive plot holes relative to the prequel. You can still read this story as an entity on its own. Enjoy!


Kemi wallowed in a love that came from the most unusual sources: from an old fashioned phone that was encrypted for end to end messaging with a random lover. Kemi almost considered herself to be in a utopia.

Her random lover was more of a benefactor, he saliently staged a promotion for her in her workplace and had since then always done relevant things to her. He also got her a new apartment all from the shadows of being anonymous.


“You must be happy today. The start of a weekend feels good.”

Kemi smiled as she reached for the phone.

“Yeah sure, Friday’s are the best. I’m literally electrified.” Kemi noticed she always replied to his messages with an odd smile on her face.

“So I was thinking to burst the bubble this weekend. You’ve been itching to meet me, I can preempt.”

Kemi now felt nervous. She wanted to know her random lover but she had always feared a particular perforated expectation – what if he wasn’t her taste. She also feared that their relationship was only this adhesive because it was based on incentives. For the first time, she thought of the possibilities of her being locked up in what may be a miserable situation. Could she even tell him a “no” for an answer if they weren’t compatible?

“Suite A20, opposite Whiteville hotel. See you there by 9 PM sharp.”

“Okay,” Kemi replied with a sharp stroke of nervousness.

Kemi arrived at the suite in a dazzling gown fitted with ruby tracings that reflected at any glimmer. Kemi waited at a bar within the compound as she held the phone in her hand; expecting for his message or maybe call to come through. A message then came in, instructing her to meet the receptionist who then directed her to the poolside. Kemi followed the instructions carefully and made her way to the backside of the Suite, she soon met herself in front of a large pool surrounded by nested tents at specific intervals to each other. The receptionist had instructed her to count the seventh tent to her right.

Kemi approached the tent and for each step she took, her heart pounded, she sighted the silhouette of a figure that sat under the tent. It was him. Kemi’s nerve stood to cloud nine as she was now close to him as ever.

“Hello, Kemi.” Kemi’s eyes were now wide open


Kemi’s so-called random lover was, in fact, her true lover. Ayo left for Britain when they both finished high school. They were lovers back then but they soon realized they won’t see each other again, most especially when Ayo disclosed his parent’s plan to fund him to travel overseas. They both fell out of touch with each other following his departure.

Ayo was all grown and matured, something about his appearance seemed more sexually appealing, his sideburns linked drown to line his mustache to form a goatee. He was also well built and looked tall from where he sat. This was definitely what Kemi would want her dream man to look like. It turned out her first love never died but most satisfying, she just found her true love.

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