Day 26 – Superpowers 


In the fantasies of our imaginations, we hope one day the world would flare up in flames and some set of gifted individuals dressed in their suited battle armor would save our sorry asses.
As humans, the superpowers we only attribute to things like emitting rays from a retina, dashing at supersonic speed, or juggling things five times our weights, are just inanimate projections to serve our curiosity. People may exist with superpowers that fit into human capacity, the story of Allure testifies to that.


Thea ran into trouble, this time she was caught stabbing classes for the third time, her punishment wasn’t automated anymore, a third time meant she’d have to face the disciplinary committee and one of only two outcomes was possible: expulsion or suspension. Either way, it was bad for her.

“Heard you ran into trouble again.”

The only thing Allure and Thea shared was their sleeping space. They were too distant to be roommates, they could go on for weeks starving themselves of any conversation. Thea had to retake the class so she never saw Allure as a peer, Allure felt it necessary to give her the space she thought she needed but not when she ran into trouble, Allure pressed her and tried to become close to her, a broken Thea would accept her during these times but immediately after, she turned on her attitude again.

“Yeah, guess I should just pack my things. This college has been all for frustration, maybe this is my freedom.”

Thea sounded depressed as she rested her back on the wall at a corner of the room.

“Who caught you this time?”.

“I think his name is Frank…the assistant head security I think”.

The more Thea muttered her words, the more pathetic she sounded.

Allure rushed out of the room, Thea tried not to act fazed. There was nothing possible anyone could do at this point. It definitely seemed like Allure had an agenda, why would she ask about the person who caught her? Or why would she just barge out one she heard the person’s name? Thea sat up to pack her bags as she tried to configure Allure’s action. It wouldn’t matter anyway.

Allure came back while Thea was still packing. Thea was about to ask why she was smiling sheepishly but she soon got her answer.

“You might wanna unpack your things, Frank said he was just joking, that he wouldn’t take your case up.”

Something in Thea told her that Allure was being serious, even if it sounded so unrealistic.

“What did you do?”

“Just talked to him, and he said he pardoned you.”

Thea stood up slowly and gave Allure a stern gaze. She then barged out of the room and paced to the security department to make confirmations of what Allure was saying. Frank said he couldn’t even remember a thing that happened. Thea had her jaws wide opened.

“You mean you don’t know if you caught me?” Thea asked with a lot of panic around her face

“Hmm… If I caught you, you’d probably be in detention or serving your punishment by now, so don’t create trouble for yourself, just leave my office.”

Thea felt as if she was dreaming. What did Allure do? Thea rushed back to her room and met the most speculative of things. Allure was gone and so was all of her things. Only a note left a trace of her.

Hey, don’t be surprised, I couldn’t allow you to be expelled, I know how much you’ve struggled in this school. I just hope you get a better roommate, I know I was more of an egoistic person than a friend or sister should have been to you. I’m just happy that I could at least help you when you needed helping the most. Oh; and about Frank, yeah, he doesn’t remember and he means it. I didn’t do anything bad, I was trying to help you but it wasn’t good either since I had to take a part of his memory. Don’t be daunted, thought you would notice the strangeness in my life before I showed you in some ways. Well, I’m sorry but I can never stay where someone knows about me or if there’s a little idea of who I am. Have a nice life.

Thea was stunned to suspense and shock. Who would have thought she was living with a supernatural being

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