Day 8 – If wishes were horses

“So what do you want to become?”

“I’m gonna be the first doctor to do a successful brain transfer surgery, then I’m going to be a civil engineer and build the worlds longest bridge over the pacific”

“What about a teacher”

“Hmmm…well I could have own my school and it will be for free, when I’m done at the hospital and at my construction site, I’ll go and teach at my school.”

Lola couldn’t control the laughter grueling in her. She stumbled upon an old picture of her suited in a lab coat, on that day she had a conversation about her aspirations with her teacher. A 7-year-old Lola was receptive to flashy ambitions: a trait that never expired in her as she evolved to her current age.

Lola used her journalism as a facade for her broader freelancing occupation. She was a ground reporter for The New Day newspaper and she took shifts in columns on every of the newspaper’s special monthly edition. Her stories ranged from a plethora of topics on contemporary issues and arising matters. For her upcoming story, she picked a prison yard setting as her theme as she sought to investigate the intricacies that bound inmates during the practice of whatever penal imposement the law had predicated upon them.

Lola was granted access to the Gwagwalada Prisons and Correctional Facility. The building had separate segments, depending on how aggravated the crime you committed was and what sort of sentence was dished out to you. Lola wanted to speak with an inmate of the highest pedigree of such categorization.

She was ushered into a waiting room and waited for whoever they were going to bring to entertain her knowledge. The guards came in with a certain man. Apart from the fact that he ozzed like a rotten piece of meat, Lola thought she was insane for letting her career push her into sitting in the same room with a person convicted with multiple charges of felony: mostly fraud and theft.

He called himself Ransome. For Lola, he looked like someone who needed ransoming. Lola kept things professional and of course, straight. It was ethical in situations like this for her not to create a personal relationship or anything that might try to trigger sympathy in her.

Things went smooth during their conversation and Lola asked a final question that was to seal it all.

“So if you were given a wish right now, will you start over and maybe change this course of destiny you’re currently entwined in”.

“No I deserve to atone for my sins, I believe that. I’ll rather make a wish to unhurt all those I caused pain. They didn’t deserve that”.

Lola acted like this didn’t get to her, but she understood what he meant, life wasn’t a luxury, when she looked back at her life she was displeased and uncontented. She didn’t want to be chasing stories, she wanted to be the story. From her conversation with Ransome, the fact that we find ourselves caught in the web of fate and destiny reiterated in her, if only we were given the blessing of making a wish to attain all the things we needed, not living through an unprecedented course of destiny and fate that we can’t avoid. If horses were wishes, beggars may ride but at least they won’t be on the streets to be miserable.

Lola felt it was worthy to change the title of her story. She decided to name it “Cursed In The Loop of Destiny”.

She concluded that since wishes weren’t horses and we couldn’t always get what we wanted then as humans, we’re caught in the unchangeable course of a predetermined life. To some, it wasn’t so, but till she found a prove, nothing was stopping her from publishing her story.

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