Day 13 – Home Coming 

“Gosh. I forgot!!!!!!!!”. Ahmed didn’t know when he echoed the words. He immediately reached for a bucket and some leftover detergent his bunkmate carefully placed at the edge of their locker. He made his way to the taps behind their hostel to get water to wash his school uniform.

It was 6:20 in the morning and the morning awakening bell would go off by 6:30. Ahmed knew he had just one option. The option he hated most. To ” towel dry” his uniform.

He spent the night before in a sunken state of exultation and jubilance. He joined the entire S.S.S 3 students in what they called the “farewell night”: a celebration that was traditionally held between boys in the hostel on the night prior to when they will write the final paper of their certificate exam of Senior Secondary School. Ahmed forgot he had to wash his uniforms so as to have a neat overall to wear to write his final paper. He slept off after an enthralling night of throwbacks, gist, strolls, and games. He was lucky to have woke up before the awakening bell that was sounded by the housemaster.

Ahmed was just in time to meet up with the regular morning hostel chores and also, he had successfully towel-dried his uniform. Something felt special about the day that awaited him, it was his last day in secondary school but then, he was going home afterward. His entire life in school has been in boarding. He rarely went home for breaks and holidays, but as a student in his final year, Ahmed always tried to hide the kind of emotional attachment he felt with his home. If he hadn’t, his colleagues were very good at taunting people who claimed they miss home.

Ahmed will expect his entourage likely to be headed by his mum, around noon, the time his exam was scheduled to be over. Ahmed looked at the atmosphere and the kind of feelings that electrified the air; For some, it was about leaving the school boyfriend or girlfriend, Yuck. Ahmed despised that; for others, it was the urgent feeling that college life would soon come.

Ahmed kept a vest for him to best express his wants. It was boldly written ” HOME COMING”. He decided he will replace it with his uniform immediately he was done with his exam. For some, the home was babyish to look up to, but for him, it was the perfect calling.

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