Day 15 –  Forgetting

Disclaimer: This story is a sequel, note the following before you read

+ It is advised that you read the prequel – A POEM FOR THE EVENING. 

+ Events in this story are not totally dependent on the details of the previous title. So this story is free of extensive plot holes relative to the prequel. You can still read this story as an entity on its own. Enjoy!


Ridwan had just received a letter from the University of Lagos, therein notifying him that he has been granted admission to study Biochemistry. This meant the time had come. The time for him to leave Bliss Land – an orphanage facility that took care of him since he was six.

Ridwan, already expectant of his departure, was already drafting plans on the things he would do after leaving. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t do those things while in Bliss Land but he feared to violate some of the laid down rules he grew up to abide by rules such as not being silent on your whereabouts to at least a staff of the facility. He felt in some ways, these things impeded on his privacy.

Ridwan made his way to the Danfo park at Ikorodu, with certainty that he would get a bus to Surulere.

SurulereMile 12Apapa.” It was the solid tone accompanied by street ruggedness that the conductor employed.

Ridwan approached him in a bid to have a light conversation with him

Kilode? Why you dey call me?” Ridwan pretended to act tough as the bus conductor answered him with a jagged approach that seemed violent driven.

I dey go Bode Thomas, for Surulere. I need you to drop me for the place.” Ridwan wasn’t accustomed to pidgin English but he needed to show a bit of razzle so at to circumvent any form of exploitation from the bus conductor.

“Bode Thomas. No problem, you go add extra money.”

Ridwan showed no reluctance in paying higher, considering the fact he knew Bode Thomas wasn’t the regular stop for commercial buses. He also weighed the volatility of his shabby memory of Surulere. He knew he lived with his parents up until he was six. In actuality, he wasn’t an orphan, but the memory seems so bleak that he now felt the need to return and look for home.

Ridwan’s bus arrived Surulere, and, just as agreed he was conveyed to Bode Thomas. Ridwan tried to retrace some blurry images. He remembered some scenes of the street, most especially a small kiosk where he bought candy which was now evacuated, but he remembered that specific spot. There’s a lot he was forgetting.

Ridwan then started asking random people on the streets of if they knew, Mrs. Lateef. He had a faint picture of his mum with him so for some people that would act like they’ve heard a familiar name of such, he would show them the picture to juggle their memory a bit. Things weren’t a piece, until he stumbled upon a specific woman who was sold pepper by the street.

“Ahhhh. Iya Ridwan! (Ridwans mother!)” Ridwan felt relief and shock but swallowed whatever it was.

The woman told Ridwan that his mother and her husband were in an abusive relationship. The woman, who was a close friend of Ridwan’s mum told him about how his parents always lashed out at each other, and on a particular night, Ridwan’s mum stabbed her husband with a table knife. Ridwan’s mum had no option than to call her. When she got to the house, it was all covered in blood and an in-law who lived with them had already called the police.

“She asked me to carry her child and run, Ridwan was about five or six years then. As I carried him and started running, he cried at my back. Some men stopped me and thought I was kidnapping some one’s child. They didn’t believe me so I told Ridwan to run away while those men started beating me. I even got raped that night”. The woman was now soaked in tears as she narrated her story. Ridwan also moved to tears, stood up and now he could recollect a significant portion of details regarding his early life. The woman obviously did not know he was the child that led to her being maltreated that night.

How could he forget? How much more had he forgotten?
He felt bitter towards himself and knelt in front of the woman to tell her that he is Ridwan
The woman began fidgetting with excitement and fear. How could she forget the child of her best friend?
The scene became intended and emotional as they both hugged each other with the remnants of what was broken in them since that night.

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