Day 4 – Boredom 

I am the architect, sculpting the pieces to a crafty terrain. I am the equator, enfolding this drafted demo in a manner that sprawls within my reach. What am I doing? I am building; constructing and assembling. Why must I do so? I need to procreate and preside over this tract: Not a kingdom. Greater than an empire. Not a Nation. Greater than an imperium. I’m no mortal when you assess my dreams and weigh my agenda. I must surpass the invincible; I’ve seen Alexander and Constantine, of ancient Greece; Willaim and Arthur, of great England; Augustus and Romulus, of magistrate Rome. My reign shall extend and encapsulate the entirety of humanity, my command will induce massive artilleries and I shall be the Grand Charge.

This is how I narrate my tale to the progenies of my great ancestral line when they beckon of me. I choose to spend the evening of every fortnight in their midst, mentoring and indoctrinating them. My time is swiftly passing and the culture must pass on. They must be able to draw strategies to uphold dignity, honor, and most importantly, the Palace and its extensions. The fire must only surge and our boarder lines must only expand. The enemies are not asleep. The Crimson Empire in the far east is rising and acquiring ruins from the little civilizations they conquer. The West Indies at the proximal west are resilient.

I must rise to train the current knights, warriors, and soldiers, they must know our geographical posture: being in the center of the globe puts us at risk. We should have been desolated by enemies across the east and west, however, our will is unbendable.

I must receive reports of proceedings across the furthest valleys where my sight can not reach, my trusted chiefs brief me on how the territories within our sketches are faring at least once a week when they all coverage at the Palace where my throne sits. The throne that is undefied.

My days are as busy but the endings are sweet, I retire to my feast, a boar treat with seafood meshes in the perfect soup is enough to define a majestic table. My Queens prepare me satisfying and juicy…………

“What the hell are you doing here? Mom told you to wash the dishes about two hours ago and you’re here playing goofy”. Apart from the fact that my sister had just barged in when I was at the part of having the nice treat, she just had to remind of the chore I hated the most.

” I’m going to tell.” She paced off. It was at her advantage though, I was about slamming something on her.
In front of me laid a very messy room, I had gathered all resource in my room to set up my imagination, I arranged my deck of cards to form a 3-foot castle, my pencils and erasers aligned side by side to form a brigade of warriors and some little lego bricks to demonstrate scrambled territories.

It was my perfect array of escaping my boredom but now my mum was probably already heading for my room. I wondered which smacking I would receive first: for me neglecting my house chores for almost an entire day or for me messing up my room like a 3-year-old.



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