The morning light pierced through the curtains and punctured an ardent ray unto Hakeem’s face. It wasn’t his regular wake up call, Fatima would always try wake him by playing any song from his beloved music album titled “world war joy” by the chainsmokers. It was the only effective remedy for sparking Hakeem to life as he would jerk himself out of bed, then he would move on to grab the mop stick that was leaning beside the edge of the toilet to make it seem as if it was his guitar. Fatima referred to him as a “mad singer” due to his awful voice. The moment was always magical as they both would spend the next couple of minutes draining each other to see who had the better crooked and awful voice, to them it was a competition.

Fatima was confirmed dead alongside 187 passengers onboard Nigerian Airways flight 126 which departed Abuja for Lagos. The incident happened exactly two weeks ago as Fatima was returning from her sister’s place where she had spent the last month.
The reason for the crash was simple. The Earth’s atmosphere had completely deteriorated, the much spoken about ozone layer depletion was now at the pinnacle.

Temperature levels are now rising at an exponential rate, the world’s coldest regions are now experiencing massive heat waves and it is now estimated that the human race is now facing an extinction-level threat. Countries in sub-Saharan Africa were the slowest to react and cope with the current disaster, flights were supposed to be grounded at all domestic and international Airports nationwide due to the fact the the sky was literally burning, the heat of the atmosphere could potentially burn anything down and such was what it did to Nigerians Airways Flight 126.

Hakeem rebalanced himself on his bed as he tried to shrug off any memory of Fatima that would often come across his mind anytime he woke up but then he also had to remind himself of the estimation that scientists and meteorologist had stated for the life span of Earth as a planet, the rays from the sun were coming in direct contact and everything will flare up in flames soon.

By this time the end days were as near as ever but Hakeem was already an empty vessel since the death of his Fiancee, while others around his neighbourhood were scrambling to reach out to the proposed bunkers built by the Governments across each state to potentially shield people from the disaster that was coming, Hakeem had felt no obligation at all to vacate the premises he shared intimate moments with the one he loved most. He was virtually the only one left in his street. His food and water had almost ran out, he is also feeling the rays and intensity of heat approaching as his little bungalow now felt like an overheating oven.

Hakeem sat on a sofa as picked up a framed photo of him and Fatima. He remembered their last conversation when Fatima told him how she’ll never understand his issue with this specific album of the chainsmokers. Hakeem gave a light grin as he reminisced. “Well for whatever reason you’re addicted to these songs, I don’t care. How about you play all the songs to me when we’re both more than 50 years, we know we’ll soon die by then, right? It won’t be bad if it was our last song.” Fatima’s words squabbled into Hakeem’s brain as he soaked himself into the music playing in the background. As Fatima had asked, he would let his “chainsmokers album” be their last song as he clutched the framed photo tightly to his chest.



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