Day 16 – GUILT 

Jane flickered on Andrews as their nerves heightened. Andrews carefully lifted Jane off her feet with his hands anchoring her laps, he swerved her unto the reading table in his room, ensuingly clattering all his notes and sheets to the floor so the table could be free of disruptions. Andrews’ hand now flustered in a straight line from Jane’s belly to her bosom, he then buried his face in that space to fiddle his tongue around her breast region. Jane couldn’t help but to moan out of ecstasy, she crossed her legs around his waist so their private parts could be in proximal ends to each other, Jane squandered her hands unto his well-built chest as she was enjoying the bumps that made up his physique.

“Yemi will kill us.” Jane bit his ear as she whispered delicately into them.

Andrew got more recharged and was pressing further. He reached out for her undies and was about pulling them off.

“Stop…I shouldn’t… I mean we shouldn’t…I mean I’ve just got to leave” Jane pushed Andrews away and started redressing herself. Andrew tried to sweet-talk her but she was having none of it.

Jane arrived at school the next day and already found her best friend waiting for her by their usual seat. Yemi looked like she was cringing in anticipation to see her friend, her gaze was fixed at Jane as she made her way down to her.

“Hey girl, you weren’t online yesterday, your phone was also off. What’s wrong?”

“Guess I miscalculated, it came yesterday so I had some cramps. You know how I am when I’m in the mode.” Jane sounded less convincing.

“Oh…sorry about that babe, you never come to school when you’re menstruating though, why didn’t you stay at home?” Yemi felt a sting of weirdness in Jane’s attitude. She only felt the need to press further. She knew her friend so well.

“Well, I kinda knew you’d be expecting me. And yes, I went down to his place. He was just all bragged and pompous like he usually is. I left after I was feeling sick.” Jane now lied to Yemi. What happened between her and Andrews was a thing of shame. She always had a thing for Andrews, but over time, she learned to subsidize it. Andrews and Yemi had been in a relationship since year 1, they were almost like couples but recently, issues concurrently sprang up between them. Jane being a good friend, would always serve as a mediator between the two of them; she would help them settle their issues, which was what landed her at Andrews’s place. She tried to see Andrew to talk him into settling with Yemi.

“Okay…” Yemi uttered with a bit of dissatisfaction and uncertainty.

“Look, I think I need to go home now. See you”. Jane took a lift off her seat and went out of class. Leaving Yemi dumbstruck, Jane couldn’t handle being around her after what happened between herself and Andrews. She knew it wasn’t a mistake. She wanted it and possibly wanted more if she could have it. Her emotions for her friend’s boyfriend and her bond with her friend created a fiery line of dilemma. She had rather gone home to sleep the entire day and plan on how to handle the situation.

On her way home. She decided to call Andrews and talk to him about him not mentioning it to Yemi.

“Yeah babe, I decided to skip class today. If you have a serious talk, come meet at my hostel.” Jane knew it spelled danger but assured herself that she would maintain her sanity.

Jane hadn’t spent up to a minute conversing with Andrews when they were all over each other again. Jane enjoyed it more this time and Andrews wasn’t letting down. Intoxicated into their romance, Andrews forgot to shut the door which paved a straight access way for anyone who was coming.

Yemi also left school a few hours after Jane left. Her plan was to go talk to Andrews and then go check up on Jane. She unintentionally barged into her boyfriend’s room to witness the most sickening of scenes. Yemi threw up and immediately evacuated the room. She ran with tears filled in her eyes.

On a Sunday morning, news spread across campus that Jane was found dead in her hostel room. A lot of speculation directed towards suicide. Yemi who received the news whilst she was at home didn’t know what to feel. Since she caught Andrews and Jane, she suffered what was almost a mental derailment. She immediately left school for home, to take care of herself, during her healing period she secluded herself from everyone who knew her. She didn’t pick calls or reply messages. She just wanted to be with her family whom she believed could never betray her love.

For Yemi, she wouldn’t understand why her best friend will do that sort of thing but then again, she always loved Jane and she knew Jane felt the same way. Jane must have probably tried all means possible of reaching out to her and most likely died as a result of guilt. But what of she, how could she now live with knowing her best friend died because of her.

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