RECKLESS INFATUATION – Love Ends The Way It Begins

RECKLESS INFATUATION - Love Ends The Way It Begins

Day 11 –  Broken Promise

Love ends the same way it begins. The outsized measure of attraction drawn to the aesthetics a person is indiscreet and toxic in an infatuated form. It clouds cognition and discredits proper resolve when concluding on key decisions – Are we compatible? Is our love premature? Are factors in our favor? Are we fit for partners? – a lot of unanswered questions clouded in the linings of an emotional upsurge is what leads to a miserable beckon of unlasting relationships. Suddenly love turns to hate, Love turns to despair, Love turns to utter destruction.

Frank withdrew himself from the floor and decided to give the chair another try, probably this time, he’ll be able to stand the discomfort till dawn. Sleeping in the reception of the most luxurious hospital would be a wreck to anyone’s body. Considering he now spent the last two weeks in the hospital refusing to go home.

Talia was his five-year-old daughter. Prone to attacks, dysfunctions, and breakdowns; Talia was sickle celled and only one thing could lead to that – a match of two sickle carriers transfusing their genes with the intention of procreating an offspring.

Frank and Aliyah created a topsy-turvy life for themselves since the day they connected with each other. It was the type of condition they termed as “us against the world”. Their love was perplexed and manifested itself as a threat to everything they had built their life upon. Both families rejected a bond between divergent religions; Frank being a Christian and Aliyah being a Muslim, it didn’t stop there; Frank’s ethnic ancestral indoctrination reprimanded that a younger brother got married before his elder, both of his older brothers were still unwed. Frank, still unemployed during their courtship got a significant share of the stigma of trying to attempt to betroth the daughter of an elite.

“My love for you supersedes all, we’ll have that life we always dreamed of. You and I can do that.”

Frank fuelled Aliyah’s heart with the reassurance of affections and hope. He meant every word but were those words meant for both of them.

They both shrugged of critiques of any form and secluded themselves. For them, they were enough for each other.

Frank and Aliyah learnt of their genotypes when Aliyah was in her early first-trimester of pregnancy. The probability of their child’s genotype became apparent to them. After the doctor’s revelation, they consoled themselves like toxic lovers will do. For them, it was another one of those battles that stood up to them.

Aliyah passed away 8 minutes after she gave birth to Talia. Talia not only born with a sickle cell condition but also with multiple heart complications due to the several rigorous processes that accompanied her childbirth.

Frank now found himself always waiting outside a ward or surgical theatre for his daughter to recover from untimely and recurrent health fallouts. Her health deteriorated as days past and even he, now expected the worst. The only one he loved left him with a burden he may not be able to bear alone. But most of all, the burden could be retraced to when he made promises of love. 

His love started with a promise that was broken and so did his love end.



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