Day 6 – Life isn’t ice cream 

[11:02pm] Ben_Jnr: I heard you can see the sun from a plane 🤣

[11:03pm] Richhy_: Be civilized for once 😒

[11:03pm] Ben_Jnr: You can’t compare me with you 😏. Mr. Americanah 😝

[11:04pm] Richhy_: You need help. Mr Nigerianah 🤨. I wonder how a person like you will cope here. People like you are part of the reason why Africans are still seen as villagers 😪

[11:05pm] Ben_Jnr: The world has moved pass that bro 🤣. Then what’s special about a plane if you can’t have a clearer view of the sun. 🤣

[11:06pm] Richhy_: Chatting with you is a waste 🙁. Have a long day ahead of me bro. I should get some rest 😴

[11:06pm] Ben_Jnr: Get a clear view of the sun and tell me how it is. I heard they serve burgers inflight too. Keep one of them for me 🤣

[11:08pm] Richhy_: I’ll break your head when I see you.

Richhy_ offline

[11:09pm] Ben_Jnr: He ran away 🤣

Ben_Jnr offline

Ben kept his smartphone under his pillow as he prepared to have his night rest. Richard was his childhood friend and their relationship defined every meaning of the word. Richard left for the U.S.A when they were 17 – briefly, after their secondary school valedictory service, the differential of their ages was just 2 months. Richard left for Boston State University for a high quality tertiary education.

For Richard, the story was a propensity of success but on Ben’s side, the struggle got strenuous for him as years passed. He was currently engaging himself in a lot of menial jobs to cater for himself. From taking demands as a laundryman to working as a part-time home teacher for students. Ben classified anything that fetched him money as worth doing.

Richard just told him he’ll be returning back to Nigeria for the summer break. Of course, Ben was happy that he would see his friend. A twisted impression caught up with him, he was a bit skeptical about how he and his close friend – whom they both grew up sharing they same dream – could live parallel lives. To him Richard lived a more comfortable life.

Richard’s flight arrived by late eve. He was bent on seeing his friend just as Ben also itched to see him again. Richard looked up a fancy rendezvous setting via Google maps, the streets of Lagos weren’t familiar to him anymore. Richard texted the address of a restaurant situated at the heart of Ikeja to Ben

“By 8!!!!!!!!!. It’s already 6, does this guy think it’s easy to catch a bus and escape the intense traffic. Shit. What does he know about an average Nigerian life”. Ben whined as he was scrambling to get dressed so he could rush down, His home was at Surulere and a trip to Ikeja was only bound to be turbulent.

” A cup of cappuccino please.” Richard made his order as he anxiously waited for his friend. Ben told him he was 5 minutes out when he called about 15 minutes ago.

Ben finally arrives and he looked really stressed. They both caught themselves in a warm hug before sitting at the table Richard booked for them both.

Richard ordered a cup of ice cream and some chips for his old friend. Ben didn’t often have treats like this so he took his time to enjoy the ecstatic meal.

“Well, so here we are bro. How’s life been? What’s been up with you?” Richard broke the awkward silence as Ben was giving his dish more attention than him.

Ben pecked his mouth edges with a napkin before giving his reply.

“Well it definitely doesn’t taste like ice cream, I mean life, it’s not cream.”

Ben and Richard were both laughing heavily as they continued to have that kind of discussion old friends had.



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