Day 10 – The hustle is real

Disclaimer: This story is a sequel, note the following before you read

+ it is advised that you read the prequel – SHORT OF EXPECTATIONS.

+ Events in this story are not totally dependent on the details of the previous title. So this story is free of extensive plot holes relative to the prequel. You can still read this story as an entity on its own. Enjoy!


Dele left home. After days of deliberation within himself, he skewed his decision with pertinence. It wasn’t about wanting social freedom or escaping parental restrictions. It was more about taking responsibilities. He became a runaway, unto the boisterous streets where toddlers told their stories to be awkward. The streets where waywardness is tagged as a product of the disproportionate allocation of nature’s position to man’s placement; of course it wasn’t your choice if you stole on the streets, You’re just hungry. His mum and dad were left with a note of intention: Dele didn’t want to be found.


Dele’s wake up call was now embedded in his nerves. He needed no alarm or manual tap. He also lived in a compound that was like an extended family household in one of those hamlets. There was only one bathroom for all inhabitants to share. The options were simple: if you woke up early; you could either be amongst the first to use the bathroom and do so conveniently; if you did wake up late, you could either join the long queue of people in front of the bathroom, or you risk bathing in front of the compound which was a public space.

Dele had since adapted himself to minimizing his choices so he preferred to have a smooth bath with fewer complications.

7:00 AM

Zion Primary School

Dele was always caught in traffic and will usually arrive at his first workplace by past 7. Attendance of assembly and all other protocol had to be observed. He taught at a public primary school. His periods usually lasted for 3 hours and he will be free for the day.

11:00 AM

Proposed Construction Site For Tech. City

Tech city acquired a great portion of land on the east side of town. Dele worked as a project supervisor for the site. His job was to oversee all the day to day running and to note those who were actively responding to their duties. Dele would arrive here immediately he departed from his teaching duties to spend the next 4 hours under the brewing heat of the sun.

4:00 PM

Clean IT Laundry Services

Dele would usually walk to the canteen opposite the construction site to get a meal for himself. Then he made his way to his dry cleaning role. He usually spent about two hours washing, cleaning, and pressing varieties of fabrics for clienteles.

6:00 PM

KingsMen Security Service

Dele worked a deep evening shift for his security employers. He would usually be assigned to be the guard of a specific location, usually, he was put at a bank to watch over the ATM stand. He spent 6 hours into the night as a watchman.

11:59 PM

The Hustle Is Real

Dele would then be replaced by the next person on the shift. At this point in time, he had completed his daily routine. He would usually get to his home to scale over the fence as no one would be awake to open the main gate for him. Dele’s time wasn’t materialistic, it was a locked lining of a fixed schedule. He restarted his day again by 7 PM to an excruciating sequence of jobs as a living. It was definitely something the streets had to offer for runaways like him.

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