Day 25 – True Happiness


A rusty morning had all the elements of frost in it. Jos was infamously known for its cold weather, temperatures sometimes dropped to below a degree centigrade, only a few cities in sub-Saharan Africa could go that deep. Bello traded a variety of fabrics in a little container at the Panshimi market square. Jos’ winter-weather always aligned with festive periods, once during mid-year, when it was highly likely that Muslims would celebrate salah, and the other, came at the proximal end of the year when Christians would celebrate Christmas. Both periods were crucial to the fabric sellers across town as Jos is a city submerged with a decent number of the binary religion – Muslims and Christians.

Bello left home immediately he observed his morning prayers, he plunged himself outside at a time when the atmosphere was almost freezing. His mother was always concerned and had to knit a furry coat that could at least sustain him. She knew he had no choice. Since Bello’s dad had passed away, all the responsibilities somewhat shifted to him as being the first child of the household. Bello’s mum never wanted to pressure him, knowing fully too well he was still an undergraduate at the University of Jos. Bello didn’t see the world as offering him a soft spot so he never went complacent, the container where he sold fabrics was his dad’s; after his demise, his wife had suggested they just gave the selling space to one of their relatives. Bello never trusted any of his uncles and aunts considering the way they constantly waged issues with his dad when he was still alive, all they wanted him to be for them was like a dispensing machine that spat money out to them whenever they requested it from him. Bello openly announced at their family meeting that no one would have his dad’s container as it would serve as the only means of income for his mum and his siblings, a call that disgusted many who had their eyes on the wealth of the deceased man.

Bello took up after his father in a radical way. He was almost like him. His mum feared every day, most especially the part where he had to blend in his studies with commercial engagements. For Bello, he had already lost his dad whom he loved so much, the only thing driving him was the happiness of his mum and siblings. He had this tranquil state of mind whenever he saw them happy and he had promised himself that he would go any length to make sure they remained that way.

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