Day 21 -Letter to someone you admire 

It wasn’t something I usually thought of doing when I was having my self secluded me-time.

It was a short period that made me feel the common feeling of loving a person. With her, it wasn’t just common, even if I’ve never been there with anyone else before her, it was easy to sense that I was in the depths of being subdued by not just a person’s aesthetics, but with her existence as a being.

I don’t dwell into our separation anymore. I also do not have a reason to keep on expecting what I might never have. I first lived years facing a mental suppression while trying to erase strings of memories. Have I fully moved on till date? I’ll never know until I re-love a person.

I knew how to dance around words through the taste of her cologne. She channeled the art of writing into me so I find it only as a recompense for me to write to her a part of what she gave me.

Dear Ireti,

This isn’t a proxy of one of my mental and emotional awkwardness, I know my desperation made me play the blame game of you being the villain in my story. I know I blamed you so much for making a decision to actualize yourself, even if it was at the expense of my desire. You deserve your choice.

I’ve only just realized that it’s part of the things that make me admire you. No matter how much I try to put pressure on you for being such a sadist, you’ve never handed out the same treatment towards me. Your light heart has brought me crystal clear proof, of how beatified your soul is.

Memories of us are decayed by now and to beckon you of a second chance might be insane, since you’ve always talked about how unmutualistically bonded our feelings are. You still changed a lot in me with the few months I shared a vital part of yourself with myself.

It’s fair to tell you that I wish for you all that is bound to make your life pleasant. You deserve it. Continue to make a huge impact on the people you meet during your lifetime.

Yours lovingly,

You know who. 

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