Day 12 – Oblivion

Dad comes to visit me, about a day in every week. Soon he became distant, about once a month. The light of dad became to fade, it felt apparent that he no longer came to visit me. Was this a part of him being a father by letting me go so I could face this on my own. I think one day I’ll ask him or one day he’ll be the one to tell me.

First, it was desolation. The crickety of the crickets fumed the air, I thought it was just me, perhaps I was being lonely. I did once try to interact with my neighbor, but he seemed to enjoy his own company, realized he wasn’t problematic, everyone here seems to enjoy their privacy. Or was it the circumstance that embodied us. I was always trying to figure it out.

Then, a part of our arena evolved to a path of journeying, as it may seem. Evenings were clouded with discussions, to which I eavesdropped. I enjoyed the ones who would pass and talk about soccer, I could still relate with some of the mentions; ranging from the acrobatic goals and to who won the latest season. I visualized all that my ear could grasp. I didn’t enjoy the ones that talked about politics; their noise was the loudest while the ones that conveyed themselves in a romantic walk were the ones that never knew where they were.¬† At times I felt them within my privacy. Doing what lovers do.

I wanted to know what it was like. Up there. Seemed like our graveyard was just a normal ground and my spot didn’t have a marking stone anymore. First, I was quickly forgotten by the people I spent my life with. Only dad visited. Now humanity is forgetting us, soon there won’t be traces that this was once a cemetery.

Was this the afterlife or twilight in between. I died eight years ago and only one word could fit me – Oblivion.

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