Day 7 – Near Death Experience

Since Tayo and Sonya’s wedlock, it was an upside of interchangeable and mixed feelings. It was torrid, to say the least, and most of their days were marred with quarrels and malice. Perhaps it was the circumstance that induced their union. Both of their parents had mandated they got married when Sonya had an unexpected pregnancy when they were both in their late teen-age, it was meant to be a one time stuff of pleasure. The excitement and sexual exhilaration got the better of them, forcing them to bask the devil without cautioning their overflowed urge, the night saw them practice ultimate intimacy without any protection mechanism to prevent whatever unwanted outcome.

Sonya lifted herself and dragged her blanket. She was ready to abandon her matrimonial bed after a contentious argument with Tayo.

Tayo didn’t care to call her back and Sonya wasn’t going to have any of it. Sonya settled for the couch in the living room.

Tayo woke up to work without breakfast, less mindful of how he had also not eaten the night before. He worked as a front runner in the field for a mining firm and that meant going to underground caves and mining sites to engage in strenuous activities that included drilling, digging, hammering, and all other body wrenching activities that involved the manual extraction of raw minerals from the soil.

“I don’t think I feel so good”. Tayo dropped the hammer in his hand and slumped beside a rock nearest to him.

“Geez….!” Daniel rushed towards him and removed his helmet and tried to unzip his coat so as to make room for some air.

“What’s wrong man?” Daniel was bothered as Tayo had never exhibited this kind of show before. Daniel now scared as he looked into Tayo’s eyes and saw nothing but a white cloudish formation. Daniel needed no medical knowledge to know his friend was in trouble.

“Help!!!!!!!” He yelled as other co-workers converged to help lift Tayo up to ground base so he would be given proper medical attention.


Tayo’s eyelids opened gradually. He felt nothing. It felt like another realm, in a flashpoint he met himself in a field of sunflowers, he looked in front of him and saw no vanishing point.

“This must be death”. Tayo desperately tried to realize his situation.

“Not death, but the brink of death”. A voice emerged from right behind him

“Sonya!!!!!????…..how did you get here? Where are we? Where am I?”. Tayo glanced with his eyes wide open as his lips began shivering

“This is a mirror reflection of your deepest emotions. I’m not Sonya, but I’m Sonya’s wish. She wishes that you don’t die as you have been in a coma for a week as a result of a heart seizure you suffered at work. She needs you and wants you to survive, she is currently holding your hands in tears knowing she had never been the right wife for you. She doesn’t want it to be late for her. She wants a second chance with you, with love and with your marriage. She wants……..”

Tayo had enough of the voices in his head and his reaction followed him to the real world as he jumped out of his sickbed. Drips, pipes, and all sorts of medical equipment laced around him.

He looked up and saw Sonya right in front of him; on her kneels, spitting prayers like a spiritual colossus. Tayo struggled to reach for her from his bed. He stretched his hand to the fullest as he patted her shoulder.

Sonya wasted no time in jumping on him with a tender embrace. Tayo never remembered them being this emotionally connected.



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