Once Again

Once Again

That others may see our view
We have made it a snap chore
Until we get our reward as due
Gifts of excitement and rapture
That hilarious look from me and you
Orchestrating a “seem-funny” capture

The loving guide really wants his guys to be saved.
But it appears that others also wants him saved,
And others also want those other people saved,
And other people… well, the cycle is endless.
The keys to salvation obviously isn’t “Ctrl S”
Everyone may not be saved, regardless
I wish people learn to control less

Quite possible that no one is saved from danger.
Then there’s no point in calling to salvation.
Or there was no danger in the first place.
Then there’s no point in calling.
Or everybody gets saved.
Then there’s no point.

But if there’s actually a point
And a unique set of people is saved
We take our chances on two possibilities
Those in which the outcomes have mutability
If it’s being in a group, we should find it using logic
Like Holmes, with a tiny bit of sheer luck.
If all it takes is being a good person,
Then we should employ ethics.
Once again, I keep musing.

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