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Allah is the God of Nigeria.

Yaweh is the God of Nigeria. 

No, deities are the gods of Nigeria.

But chaos assumes as god of Nigeria.

Never let the Igbos rule.

The Yorubas dare not rule.

The Hausas don’t have a clue.

And here comes the military rule.

The treasures of the nation,

Trails across the seas

By hypocritical watchdogs.

A man of the people, who can find?

Together we stand.

Divided, do we stand?

Give the future a hand.

O patriots of the land!

We raise the flag of unity;

Agriculture, peace and unity,

Since nineteen-sixty.

Regardless of ethnicity.

Now, let’s fly this flag in our hearts

And let the tender breeze of peace,

Heal our afflicted minds.

So, we could love with ease.

Patience and accountability is love.

Truth and humanity is love.

What is peace and progress without love?

O giant of Africa, love!

Diversity; a long, stony but worthy

Road to love, peace and unity.

This is a rare beauty;

The beauty of unity in diversity.



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