Oluwatobi Akindunjoye (1)-27d85fdd

Your love is rejuvenating as the morning dew.
Its essence is irrational and transcending as pi.
Words cannot express how you so make me feel.
My emptiness and brokenness you abundantly fill.

Ifemi, if you leave me, I will throw my heart away.
Your love is so paralyzing that I can’t play macho.
In my night and day, I am lost in thoughts of you.

To the rhythm of your love, do I forever succumb.
And only to it will I dance until you become mine.

Till eternity, do I forever surrender to your charm.
A charm that drips of your beauty in its full array.

Your melody is more recurring than a leitmotiv.
Such a magnificent masterpiece of thine opera.
Like a moth drawn to light, I helplessly marvel.
Your heart of gold beam in streaming radiance.
Its reassuring warmth can never be mistaken.
Death, do not stand a chance to keep us apart.
Your silence is more wrecking than a tsunami.
I will hold on, hold out and obviously try again.
Your love is the only burden I’ll carry with me.
With a pouring heart, will you be my valentine?

PS: Ifemi, is the Yoruba way of saying “my love”.

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